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5 bad compliments for men

We say one thing, they hear another

Compliment number 1

"Now you acted like a real man," you decided to praise his beloved, and not of law. And for him this is: "Finally, and even before, and man, you could not be called". He begins to doubt his actions.

5 неудачных комплиментов для мужчины

Word easy обидеть

Compliment number 2

"Now, you're done. Praise!", — admire you. He feels like a kindergartner who ate porridge, not a man who makes his own decisions. You become the "educator".

5 неудачных комплиментов для мужчины

Learn хвалить

Compliment number 3

Their appearance men are not less demanding than you. Therefore it is not necessary to tell him that he has such big Breasts. For him, an acceptable definition of "wide". And to condemn the "soft belly", it is not worth it. To admire is not what people have received from nature, and what he has achieved in the gym.

5 неудачных комплиментов для мужчины

Men important внешность

Compliment No. 4

"You're so vulnerable, sentimental, emotional" — these words usually belong to girls. He hears: "acting like a woman!", like similar definitions, we deprive them of masculinity.

5 неудачных комплиментов для мужчины

He's just "romantic"

Compliment number 5

"You're such a doll, cat, Bunny" — well, what is this kindergarten? It is the girls as sweet, kind, gentle, pretty. Believe me, no man wants to be "small". Moreover, it is ambiguous to the sounds of a lover.

5 неудачных комплиментов для мужчины

Don't say he is "small"


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