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Football as an excuse to flirt

Psychologist Alain al-As says that makes the Russian girls to enter into communication with foreign fans

"Kids Olympics", "children festival", "children's championship". The massive arrival in our country of foreigners has always had one inevitable consequence — the flirting, the romance, the birth of children, most of which the fathers never even know. And even if the girls of the former USSR, with all their education and in spite of fear of public censure, could not resist this force, what to expect from today?

We will not hide the obvious, a romance with a foreigner is for many girls, if not dream, then the blood stirring fantasy, in case few people want to give up. The man on the other end of the light charismatic, in most cases, simply because he's different and just that attracts attention. He says different, emotionally different, behaves differently, it is absolutely natural, open to dialogue and it has to itself. Add to this youth, the excitement and sense of celebration — and it becomes clear why even very far from sports girl to become football cheerleaders.

Fuels the interest in foreign men and their relative inaccessibility for many girls, this is the first real opportunity to get acquainted with a foreigner is not virtual, but very real. And get to know not just so, and with romantic purpose, to catch, to conquer, to spend time together, and then than the fate of not joking? As naive as it may sound, but many girls do consider acquaintance with a foreigner as a ticket to a better future and will not want to miss your chance! Provoked such interest by the foreigners, who are often not unwilling to have an affair or just a fun night.

Футбол как повод для флирта

Alain al-Asfoto: materials of press-services

How far can this "love of football"? And how to flirt with a foreigner without consequences?

The first thing, of course, is to get your mind off the matrimonial plans and the plans of "conquering" a foreign boyfriend. Not necessary to put themselves in a dependent of an alien situation, to dwell on it emotionally. Nothing but dashed hopes and frustration, this will not do.

Do not provoke the attention of the foreigner, including an unhealthy attention, candid style of dress or behavior. It is in principle the best way to draw attention to themselves, which in this context can still be interpreted unambiguously wrong.

We should not exaggerate the attention given to a foreigner. We must understand that all the declarations of love and vows of eternal fidelity is nothing more than words, the emotional state, the way to Express your sympathy. To treat such violent manifestations of feelings should be, respectively, not taking to heart.

Spending time in the company of foreigners, we should not forget that in other countries there are other standards of conduct. And if our country is considered to be normal if a man pays for a woman in a bar or in a bus, even if he asked her, in most other countries made everyone pay for itself. General advice that I can give you here is this: be prepared to rely on themselves in all situations and not get carried away with their own fantasies. Let the holiday remains a holiday, but don't forget that after each holiday come everyday.


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