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Five actions of men, showing that he don't love you

Expert gives advice to those who are faced with a sudden cooling in relations

More recently, you constantly heard from your men love words and was sure that she still fills your relationship. However, suddenly in love with you the man started to behave differently, and you are not sure about his feelings. How to understand that he's huge, is it possible to rectify the situation and what to do in this case? Psychologist, singer Alina Deliss gives advice to those who are faced with this problem.

Пять поступков мужчин, показывающих, что он вас не любит

Alina Elispot: materials of press-services

Signs that a man does not love you:

1. The first alarm bellwhich should alert you that may be appeared absent-mindedness and a desire to distance themselves from you. You suddenly started to notice that your man has become more sharp in communication often breaks down on you, not happy when you come home and not sharing their plans and ideas with you. He seemed to deprive you trust the conclusion is clear: so found the trust in a different place.

2. The second alarm bell will ring at the time when the man will begin to forget about joint holidays, events that are important to you as a couple. He suddenly distanciruemsa from your family, thinking of how quickly to return home. He seemed to have time limits that carries with you.

3. The third call is heard at the moment when the husband suddenly stops to give you flowers, explaining that the lack of money or time. In fact, the flowers are not always a luxury bouquet, sometimes it is enough to give one a rose. As soon as your relationship goes the understanding that a woman need to be pampered, you should start to take measures to rescue the situation.

4.The fourth call sounds more convincing: a man stops to tell you about his love and ceases to radiate these feelings and emotions. He is no longer trying you hugged at every opportunity, not holding your hand, he's not that gentle, understanding.

5.The fifth bell sounds as the alarm: the man was with you cold, stopped to make love. Begin scandals, the screaming, the woman begins to suspect infidelity, which may yet, but there are some problems at work, in business.

How to fix the situation?

1. In a relationship should not be suspected of lying — such a family it is better not to build, because all of this will be to watch your children. If you feel that the man started to get cold, it should be understood that this happens with almost all couples accept this situation and try before it's too late to fix. Sit down at the negotiating table and try to call her husband on Frank conversation.

2. You can try to pretend you do not notice the change, but urgently to engage in them, their development and leisure. Join a gym, go to a psychologist. Maybe you just need a little "rest" from each other.

3. Return to the relationship that disappeared over the years — a romanticism. Do invite her husband to a concert of his favorite artist, a movie or in a cafe. Be a little imagination, and it's guaranteed to pay off handsomely.

What not to do!

It is impossible to scandals and unduly aggravate the situation of his dissatisfaction. If you change internally, you will change the attitude. Take this phrase into service.


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