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The wife of an alcoholic: how to get rid of dependence

Unfortunately, jokes about love of Russians to alcohol is not a joke, and a drinker husband is sometimes a real problem for women

Why is there alcoholism? Experts called several reasons for the problem.

1. Genetic predisposition. It is no secret that drinking parents often grow up to be children who also like to drink.

How to solve the problem? Before you marry, get to know the groom's family and once again think about whether you agree to such risks?

2. Environment men. If the husband drinking friends who are constantly calling to sit with them at the bar or go on exciting fishing trips, the love for alcohol will be constantly supported by the opportunity. So, the probability that your man will stop to drink, is quite small.

How to solve the problem? Offer another form of entertainment. If he wants to chat with friends, invite them home and throw a party themselves. Preferably in the absence of alcohol. In any case, you will control the amount of alcohol consumed. And most importantly, do not give in to persuasion to drink together.

3. The lack of favorite Hobbies, goals in life. It is impossible to answer the question of what leads to the fact that the man begins to fill the void with alcohol.

How to solve the problem? Should go with her husband to a psychologist-the psychiatrist or he can visit. The expert will help to understand the psychological need to drink and suggest solutions. Also you can suggest to the husband doing his thing. If the favorite hobby will prevail, the man may even forget about his bad habit.

4. Alcohol dependence requiring treatment. It occurs after a certain "experience" in drinking. A similar disease, unfortunately, is almost always treated by specialists and medication.

Жена алкоголика: как избавиться от зависимости

Marianne, Abravitova: materials of press-services

What psychologists say?

Incredible, but it turns out that the alcoholism of the husband is often guilty of his own wife! Ph. D. Marianne Abravitova believes that the influence of women in this issue primary.

"It is clear that drinking is bad, it interferes with family relations. But such people find each other. There is even a psychological term as "the wife of the alcoholic" — codependent woman. It turns out that such a woman can of non-drinking men to make the alcoholic, unknowingly leading him to it. So my advice is to both go to the psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist, treating her as an alcoholic, and the codependent partner.

As a rule, these women do not leave their husbands-alcoholics and pull the strap. They are bats, they are a sponsor of this alcohol — give you what you earn. Reproach, crying, children suffer. But such women don't usually leave their husbands. Because if you're not a husband, then lost the meaning of life is to be a victim. If life is such that such an Alliance breaks up or ends in connection with the death of her husband, usually these women are bringing into my life the same men and make normal men alcoholics".


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