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Why flowers are so important at a wedding

Florist — the real Creator of marriage, "our everything" for the bride and the organizer, therefore, his choice should be approached with great responsibility

On 24 July, the world celebrates the day of the florist. Its the beginning of the holiday takes from Ancient Egypt. The pharaohs loved luxury, and in addition to gold and precious stones is fresh flowers. Egyptian florists worked out well over the unique compositions of flowers and herbs.

In Russia, the official status in this photo, but congratulations to these lovely people pricked with needles from roses hands, incredible performance and a raging imagination deserve for sure!

Почему цветы так важны на свадьбе

Flowers - the main ornament of any ceremonioso: Ekaterina Malinovskaya

Of course, first and foremost florists are associated with weddings: the bride's bouquet — attribute of the wedding, which like a mirror reflects the image of the bride and its character.

It is very important to issue an original and the area of the wedding ceremony, not necessarily it has to be arch, you can put interesting design, glass pillars or beautifully decorate textured wood. But the colors in this area should be the most. It is here that the sacrament of the wedding ceremony!

Почему цветы так важны на свадьбе

The area of the wedding ceremony cannot be imagined without cvetovoda: Ekaterina Malinovskaya

Florists will carefully study and decor of the wedding venue, be it a restaurant, a veranda under the open sky or tent on nature: floral composition on the tables the guests will make the atmosphere of the holiday most enjoyable. Any guest will say, what beautiful flowers decorated the wedding.

Почему цветы так важны на свадьбе

Bracelets-boutonnieres for bridesmaids - spectacular resinate: Larissa Demidova

On what details to pay attention to? A wonderful sign of attention will be bracelets for bridesmaids in response to their efforts on the selection of dresses for the celebration.

Table setting of the couple and the guests tables would look different if in a napkin to put a sprig or flower.

Почему цветы так важны на свадьбе

The table setting also can be supplemented, catamite: Ekaterina Malinovskaya

Decorate a floral garland photo zone — it will give her a wedding affection and will show off all the photographs your guests!

A wedding planner Olga Maranti


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