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When your partner admits that he fell in love...

Hardly anyone wants to relive that, but in my life long-term couples, an event which is not uncommon

Someone reveals another, someone is carrying your "secret" about love outside the relationship. Perhaps few people, this situation is bypassed. Today we managed to get sleep, which describes a similar stage in the marital relationship have only a little to reveal his backstory. Navideca in my life before this dream was going to visit another city, knowing that there she will be meeting with a man whom she was fond.

"Me and my husband are in the apartment. Standing in the hallway, my husband said to me with a sense of helplessness and despair: "I hit a beautiful girl in Samara". I will emphasize that and said "perfect". I asked why not told before. Said, "you Think you can fuck yourself." I these words just began to cry. Not to cry, and to cry. After the crying came the picture, as if the view from the top, as man on the car in the Parking lot takes place, but no girls there. After this picture, I calm down and say to him: "the Maximum that threatens you is a suspended sentence". He did not answer. The picture changes, and I see in the office with a policeman talking to a brother of her husband and trying to settle all the problems. The policeman signed some protocols and gives brother. The problem is solved".

To understand the dream, divide it into conditional 3 scenes. Scene one — the recognition of a beautiful girl, which causes crying, profound shock, not just tears. Perhaps this strong emotion experiencing itself navideca, being in a situation when her "perfect" feelings factored out of the marital relationship.

The second part is an image in which navideca sees that in fact the husband nobody "knocked" that in the Parking lot he turned himself. This is probably a picture of that until the whole drama unfolds soon in the soul of another and not with real people.
The third part is a showdown with the police. The police in dreams is a way of conscience, norms, morals, rules, who must act for the regulation of relations, but because the crime itself is not, and the penalties for them not to be.

Когда ваш партнер признается, что влюбился…

Love, passion, someone is energy, probuzhdeniye:

In other words, our navideca experiencing their feelings as something in need of control, punishment and regulation. She sees the drama of the mirror, in the reflection of her husband. Despite the fact that our feelings are not a guide to action, and in fact, in life they do not obey and do not go after his passion for her these feelings are real. First and foremost, they reflect a strange scene where some third party acts as a great provoker of feelings and emotions than usual, comfortable husband.

Only in the pages of this column, we this way and that twisted the situation of a love triangle, let the third angle is in it, nominally, only in dreams. And written about it just kilobytes of information from many different points of view. That it would be important to say at this stage, our dreamer, is the fact that love, passion someone is the energy of awakening. It is not necessary to apply it directly and develop relationships with someone, being married. This does not mean the end of my relationship with my husband, even some threat. I recommend you consider "great" feelings for the other person as energy, after which it is impossible to go back to sleep, to lull his consciousness, that everything was okay. This energy is given to the case, on some problem of the soul, and it is important this task is to identify, isolate and begin its execution. It is not necessarily tied to specific people, but stirs the soul and calls to create a new sense of life, which is to navigate.

I wonder what you dream about? Examples of your dreams send mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..Кстати the dreams are much easier to explain if the letter to the editor you write prior life circumstances, but most importantly the feelings and thoughts in the moment of awakening from this dream.

Maria Dyachkova, a psychologist, family therapist and host of the personal growth training Training center Marik Khazin


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