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How to find a husband after forty

Many women are afraid of fire as a forty-year barrier. And single ladies at this age and do believe that happiness in your personal life — it's not about them. How to break this stereotype, said the psychologist, expert in relationships Yaroslav Samoylov

The film Eldar Ryazanov "Office romance" we remember by heart and laugh at his characters. But Comedy about a female workaholic living in his own little world, — in fact, with a tragic subtext. And how to change everything?

Ryazanov wanted to show that, for the love of men need to change. The main character Kalugin, though not beautiful, is of more value than Novoseltsev. Nowadays, SPA, beauty, dermal fillers, a skilled buyers from abroad and some in women's training and Ludmila prokofievna interested in a decent man. If the movie had continued, we would have seen how she throws the loser please. Because pumped himself, but he was no match. Man you need to respect, accept his manhood, and financial support. A happy relationship is not, if these things suck from a finger.

Как найти мужа после сорока

Yaroslav Samoilovite: materials of press-services

Fears overwhelm the fame and fortune and women, workaholic. When a woman has experienced hurt, betrayal, betrayal — she'll always remember this. And over the years will turn these memories into fears.

What you need to do? To neutralize the fears, improving self esteem, learn to accept men's help, learn to ask and to be feminine. It is a pity that in the Soviet Union women could not attend trainings or to go to a psychologist. Fortunately, today it can be done at any age.

Most importantly, to keep away the men who skillfully use women's weaknesses. After all, it is enough to find a woman with low self-esteem. These character types are common, they are usually narcissistic and selfish. Their banal acceptance to elevate themselves at the expense of women. It is nothing but prejudice companion for any little thing. Women's self esteem all the falls, and a tyrant asserts itself. Unfortunately, women love their petty tyrants.

Summing up, will give me some advice.

Conflicting relations — in the furnace!

If the relationship between a man and a woman initially emerged as a conflict — peaceful family idyll do not wait. In "the Service novel" we see a humorous dispute. In real life this relationship is exhausting and annoying. One of the partners (or even both) will be looking for a quiet getaway — will change.

Down with the petty tyrants!

Learn to "read" people. It is foolish to hope for someone to change. Even his love. Because life is not a movie Ryazanov. If a woman is surrounded by narcissistic and worthless men, know this: she attracted them into your life.

Take care of yourself

A woman can become that which you seek, even at forty, even seventy years. A bit of wisdom, the share of femininity, add a touch of elegance, sexuality and intoxicating cocktail for men is ready. And then it will become clear not only where to find a husband after forty years, but where to find yourself.


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