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"Stepanenko tries to avenge Petrosyan for their suffering"

Psychologist Sergei lang specifically for analyzes the relationship of the divorcing comedians

"If we analyze the relationship Petrosyan and Stepanenko from the point of view of psychology, it makes sense. Model behaviour Helena G. says that she is a woman scorned and insulted. She is trying to avenge Yevgeny Vaganovich for their suffering and, of course, here it becomes clear that such emotions can cause women treason, not just treason, but a public affair. Lately, the elderly actor has ceased to hide his relationship with a young lover. The paparazzi are increasingly began to notice the couple coming out of the shops, social events, and Elena in his life began to leave on the second plan. Besides cheating at this age is much harder. In predklimaktericescom and climatic period the woman becomes more emotional and sensitive, and of course, the woman loses confidence in herself, she realizes that the years go by, and divorcing her husband, she has less and less chance to build new relationships.

«Степаненко пытается отомстить Петросяну за свои страдания»

The humorist is credited with an affair with Tatiana, Boranophosphate:

Being in a depressed state and a prolonged depression, a woman may act as Elena Stepanenko. There are rumors that Petrosyan and Stepanenko did not live together for nearly 15 years, he has changed not a young crush. In my practice there was a similar couples where the woman just went into the shadows, as if watching for further developments — in the hope that, after that, the man will return to his family. But in the case of Joe and Helen, when it was discovered the fact pregnant young lover, to endure it was impossible, and loyal wife began to act, knowing that the child will be a direct heir to the estate. In this particular situation, Elena G. was in the wrong position, and if a man left the family, he will not return. And should part amicably, especially because they associate joint business. And here both sides make an enemy. Cost when the first bells to take a step back and try to return to the relationship, but at this stage it is impossible to glue the broken vase, and Stepanenko is to let go of his wife in peace."


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