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How to live with a creative person

Today, beloved, sweet, caring, happy, and tomorrow sweeps away everything in its path — the usual story for a creative personality. Writer Oleg Roy shares his tips on how not to go crazy with such a man

He is not what he seems

It only seems that famous people life charge — 220 cases a day that they will never get bored. Nothing of the sort. Usually in life, people who love peace, even if during operation around them lightning. The woman often waiting for the Roman firework of emotions and a man, if he is creative, all of these emotions puts into his books, paintings, roles, projects. So the first tip: learn to separate the image from the person, usually, between these concepts lies the abyss. And if you are not afraid not only to see but also to accept, welcome to the world of harmonious relationships.


Creative people live for the emotions: if someone sees the kiss as a beautiful romantic course, the person who feels the world at her fingertips, looking for a kiss different States. The kiss may symbolize love and faithfulness, a sign of intimacy or possession, betrayal or separation. The variety is ideal for the second Board. As with everything: in food, in travel, in plans, in kissing, in bed and even in the views on top of each other.

Как с ужиться с творческим человеком

Oleg Roitto: materials of press-services

Seize the moment

The future can be viewed financier and programmer. But not with the artist. To look into the distance and mentally to lead a creative person to the Registrar, in the temple and the hospital, and then, on Saturdays, to visit my mom is like catching a slippery fish by hand. Impossible. Him really to live only one moment — "here and now". Perhaps this is the meaning of life and the third advice — do not build illusions, to live in the present and I look into the eyes of a man, to think of those eyes.

Bad memory — not a crime

Creative people have long thought, but a short memory. Head crashes are not only the color of the dress in which the favorite came in first time on a date, but the day of her birth. My advice is instead of deadly resentment and point in the novel still stands to turn the trick and hint about the gift I would like to see in such a day in such a place.

You will save a smile

No sense of humor no relation, there are long and beautiful. Gala never lived would be Given if taken seriously all of his quirks. Suffice it to recall the painting, which Dali painted a Nude wife with lamb chops on her shoulder and all the questions of the reporters replied with a smile: "it's simple. I love Galu and I love lamb chops. Here they are together. Gorgeous harmony!" All that the earth people difficult fit in the head, perceived creative easy. Think of the work of a favorite as his own.


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