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What kind of women scare men

Sometimes the girls themselves behave in such a way that it repels chosen. Parapsychologist and psychologist Saona talks about 5 of the characters that are not popular with men

Woman with serious intentions

Truth be told, we all (or almost all) want to get married and to arrange his personal life, to have children, the house. However, the modern representatives of a strong half of mankind does not want to be forced into anything, and in favor of freedom of choice. So say the man in the early Dating that you want a serious relationship, is actually to push him away. Most men would think that you're just using them to achieve their goals. And men want ease, at least early in the relationship. Tip: try not to talk every minute of his overly serious intentions.

Troubled woman

We women are fragile and defenseless creatures. So from the man we always waiting for the manifestations of masculinity and caring to our address. And there is nothing wrong. If we don't expect you need to constantly take care of us. Most men are afraid of women who shift the responsibility for their fate on them immediately after the meeting: it seems that you want to solve their problems, they do not yet have a relationship. So men try to avoid overly troubled women. Try to take care of themselves, because you certainly know a lot.

Какие женщины отпугивают мужчин

Parapsychologist and psychologist, Sonatta: materials of press-services


Nothing repels men, as a symbol of material claims in the beginning of the relationship. All the stories about old phones, hints at the beautiful dresses, boots, coats, dreams about the trip to Milan will only be read this way: you don't need it, and the phone, coat, Milan, that is money. Of course, everyone needs money, but why broadcast on a first date? Give the man to show imagination and to look after you.


Whatever the villain-she was your ex, take the time to tell a man you just met. First, too much attention to the former suggests that emotionally you have not yet over. Second, listening to the story about how terrible was that man, a potential boyfriend, not imbued with sympathy — on the contrary, think of it, what epithets will you reward him after a breakup. For most men characteristics of your ex is one of the main criteria that determine whether you, in principle, to start a relationship.

Shady lady

Nobody likes the person that you are planning a relationship, something hides from you. Women don't like it when a man is silent about the presence of his wife. Men when they hide the baby. In this case, the woman usually is guided by the following considerations: it is only an acquaintance, we were just looking at each other, and when it gets serious... And then say to the person who already made up your impression that you have a child. The man immediately raises distrust you, because it turns out you hid from him the most important thing in your life. It is unlikely that he will want to build with you serious relations.


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