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5 traditions, which can be postponed

It is time to replace "should" with "want"

Tradition No. 1

In recent years, among parents there was a strange tradition almost every year to make children graduation. The first ball of the kids will take place at the exit from the kindergarten, then celebrate first-graders — they're weaned for a year, then fourth grade, ninth, eleventh, undergraduate, graduate. However, these entertainments are more concerned parents than themselves heroes of the occasion. Talk to your child, maybe he doesn't need it?

5 традиций, от которых можно отказаться

Keep in check parent комитет

Tradition No. 2

The evening meeting classmates or fellow students to a pleasant event is not for everyone. Someone does not fit into the team and lived 10 years in the status of a white crow or of an outcast, and someone frankly bored in the classroom. If you do not want to see neighbor's Desk or the teacher of biology, then it can afford not to go. These people are your past, not necessarily for him to look back.

5 традиций, от которых можно отказаться

Not everyone wants to remember прошлое

Tradition number 3

Obligatory gifts and Souvenirs for the holiday tradition, revealing a bit of a hole in the budget. While you are wasting time and money and the receiver gets an unnecessary thing that doesn't know what to do. Maybe your girlfriend will not be offended if I don't get into the New year seventh set for serving cake. Give the emotions.

5 традиций, от которых можно отказаться

A gift is not always нужен

Tradition No. 4

To buy things "in store" and "exit". This tradition has come from our grandmothers, who lived in the times of the total deficit. Talking about the ceremonial service, which for twenty years, as not been removed from the cupboard and dress, the third year is hanging in the closet. Stop doing inventory.

5 традиций, от которых можно отказаться

Not жадничай

Tradition No. 5

The collective celebration on the birthdays and other important events. Typically, the celebrant is an unnecessary hassle and inconvenience, but we go to them. The motive? "Well, they're waiting for, it is necessary". Actually, colleagues is not much need piece of your cake, but you can breathe a sigh of relief, if you conceal your joy, and they will not have to chip in for a gift. Get rid of these outdated, useless commodity-money relations.

5 традиций, от которых можно отказаться

With colleagues to drink опасно


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