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What to do if your husband lost interest

The author of several books on sexual mastery, Director of the women's training centre Ekaterina Fedorova what to do, when faded passion between the partners

To appear before the man in a favorable light, even if you are far from ideal, is not such a difficult task. Remember Actresses who appear in explicit scenes. They are not perfect beauties with parameters ninety–sixty–ninety. However, their charm, confidence and skillful movement are fascinating.

Sexual prowess is a delicate matter, and, of course, experience plays a role. But many women, relying on their experience, push into the background the fact that many men are looking for young and desperate girls: risk, lightness, looseness, humor, willingness to experiment and learn. Believe me, even after twenty years together, marriage can be open about sex something new.

Что делать, если муж охладел

Catherine Fedorovitch: materials of press-services

Read, learn, practice

Many women do not know and are not interested in how to construct their internal world and what to do to get maximum pleasure. The anatomy reveals the secrets, allowing you to manage sexual energy. As they say, who owns the information, owns the world. In our case, owns the man. In the modern literature presents a lot of useful professional information from sexologists, gynecologists, psychologists. To collect accurate picture, you should not study the works of one author. In addition, there are sex coaches often conduct free webinars on social networks, where they talk about orgasm, the structure of the female genitals, sexual prowess.

It's time to relax

The man feels when you are afraid. However, not always welcomed when you are too active and never calm down. There is an important balance. If the partner is not entirely delighted with your actions, you'll see it in the eyes. To ask several times: "is Everything okay? Are you okay? You're so fine?" — there is no need. A lot of talking and laughing loudly, and also not necessary. After all, sex is an unspoken dialogue of lovers.

Transformation and movement

Role-playing game loved by all. However, little is to put on a nurse costume and roll my eyes. Here you need to enter fully into the role. Consider the scenario of the movement, a meeting place, choose the appropriate music. If you have children, it is better to send them to grandma — they're all well aware. And it is better to arrange a second, or tenth honeymoon and spend it as the first one.


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