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6 rules for a happy family

For harmonious relationship, both spouses are responsible

Rule of wife number 1

No wonder folk wisdom says that man is head and woman is the neck without which it anywhere. Therefore the first task of the wife is to control their condition. If she's cheerful, happy and calm, and the atmosphere in the house will be harmonious. Of course, we are not robots, everyone can "get off on the wrong foot," but it's your job to keep emotions under control.

6 правил счастливой семьи

A happy wife creates уют

Rule of wife number 2

Today few women to limit their lives to the role of Housewives: civil service or your business work takes a lot of time and effort. Your task is to ensure that public activities do not harm the family.

6 правил счастливой семьи

Not get the job домой

Rule of wife number 3

Not go. Men and women are different creatures. Your screaming gets you nothing, except aggression. Feelings are more important than the result. Explain gently, gently that's important to you and why.

6 правил счастливой семьи

Get yours лаской ⠀

Rule husband No. 1

You paid attention to the love of men for football or hockey? For them, the family team in which each player has its own task. Do not switch places.

6 правил счастливой семьи

Become командой

Rule husband No. 2

Whatever difficulty may arise, it is the task of the husband to make his wife feel secure — financially and emotionally.

6 правил счастливой семьи

The woman requires заботы

Rule husband No. 3

If you don't want your wife turned into an old nag, delight and surprise her. At least 5 minutes a day a man should feel his woman that she is the center of his universe.

6 правил счастливой семьи

Give his wife flowers without повода


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