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What must learn every wife

Expert WomanHit psychologist, child psychologist, systemic therapist, numerologist Lyudmila Rosoha — why respect and love are the key to strong family relationships

A huge percentage of families does not survive even the first year of marriage. The number of divorces has increased steadily and for several years the family was often broken up, what was new alliances. The reason for this pattern? Many factors, but in the first place is an unhealthy atmosphere in the family.

Very often, marriages are made in order to resolve some problem that is already there. Many really believe that after the official registration of the relationship will improve, or simply somehow miraculously change. Usually, it only gets worse.

Therefore on your relationship you need to work with the first days. Not to create a situation that will cause discomfort to the partner, to show respect. Because it is built on respect for human relationships, whatever their nature and duration. As for the team, and between the two people.

Therefore, the most important thing that should learn the wife is to respect and love your husband. Even if there are strong feelings still there is no guarantee that in the family there is respect. Their behavior is not difficult to assess. Ask yourself whether or not you take something from these points:

- I consider my husband the head of the family;

- appreciate the opinion of his men;

- trust decisions of the spouse;

- not trying to find in his words signs of weakness;

perceive his concern for the family.

Чему должна научиться каждая жена

As a rule, after the wedding, the only problem is, suhubiette:

In fact, if you are not willing to accept the fact that your man is the head of the newly formed family, it means only one thing. You have no respect for him. You will constantly look at his words confirm my fears. And interpret every action in the worst way.

Now think, how would you comfortable to live with a man who daily offends your feelings and expect you only bad? Life in the expectation of failure — not what any of us wants. This, even at all desire it is impossible to build a harmonious relationship.

First we need to understand and accept a few obvious rules:

- You're not the only person on Earth.

- There are people out there with their feelings and thoughts.

- Once you have already chosen this man as a life partner.

Not worth every second to review his own decision.

Empathy is an extremely useful thing. Many empathy and the ability to put yourself in the other either completely absent or are in their infancy. If you want to have the ideal relationship, try to develop this quality.

Чему должна научиться каждая жена

Try for once to trust the man who randomphoto:

When you understand that your men also have feelings, thoughts and desires, to live with him will become much easier. Then you need to get rid of the desire to control everything around you and thinking that your opinion is the only right one. Perhaps your husband is always thinking about ways to solve existing problems, it is not necessary to be skeptical to take any of his words and actions. Try for once to trust the next person. To rely on it the ability to conduct your joint ship.

Try to pay more attention on the elect. But not in an attempt to find something bad, see those virtues which once made you choose this particular man and associate with him his life. If you doubt your husband, it means only one thing — you doubt yourself and your abilities to make decisions.

Love is not something you can learn. She's always either there from the first days, or comes with time. With the accumulated joint experience. And that allows it to survive these storms and survive.


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