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Marry a Prince: 5 unexpected unions tells about our compatriots who managed to be with the royals

Oksana Vojvodina and the king of Malaysia

November 22 was the wedding Russian woman Oksana Vojvodina and Malaysian king Muhammad V of Kelantan the Sultan. Oksana won the title "Miss Moskva-2015", at the time she was 22. She graduated from the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, keen on photography, was engaged in design of clothes and swimwear. Also, she was actively developed in the modeling field, she had several contracts with prestigious international agencies. Muhammad is older than his wife for 24 years. For him this is not the first marriage, however, before the meeting with Oksana, he was divorced about 10 years. It is known that the couple was known for over a year, the king came regularly to his beloved. For the sake of Vojvodina wife converted to Islam and changed his name to Muslim.

Замуж за принца: 5 неожиданных союзов

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Ekaterina Malysheva and Prince of Hanover

In 2017, was married to the designer of Russian origin Yekaterina Malysheva and Ernst August the younger, Prince of Hanover. It is known that the couple met about five years, but all the time carefully hid their relationship. The couple met in London where she studied at the prestigious College of London College of Fashion. After graduation she opened her own clothing brand Ekat. February 22, 2018 the couple had a daughter.

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Ekaterina Desnitskaya and the Prince of Thailand

Roman Katy desnitskiy and the crown Prince of Thailand (then Siam) Chakrabon Puhnata was considered fabulous. She was born in a poor noble family, both her parents died. Kate could not receive the Ohr because of the lack of dowry. She was preparing to become a nurse and go to the front. The meeting of Catherine and Prince took place on one of the social events where she was invited among other girl students. The Prince immediately fell in love, but Desnica long was adamant. In the end she agreed to the marriage provided that the marriage will take place in the Orthodox tradition, and she will be the only wife. But the marriage was not strong, once Catherine caught wife with a concubine. She divorced her husband, leaving him a son. Each of the former spouses re-tied the knot.

Замуж за принца: 5 неожиданных союзов

Katja Desnica and the crown Prince of Thailandphoto:

Natalia Aliyev and Emir of Dubai

The usual waitress from Belarus Natalya Aliyeva met with Arab Sheikh Saeed bin Maktoum al Maktoum in Minsk. There he came to participate in the shooting competition. When the girl brought the Sheikh in the room, he immediately fell in love. Sayid actively courted a girl. Said not only made an offer to Natasha, but also asked the girl's hand from her father. Of course, in addition to Natalia, there are two wives.

Замуж за принца: 5 неожиданных союзов

Natalia Aliyev and Sheikh said Ben Maccumbee:Н X

Mikhail Bondarenko and Princess of Sri Lanka

Princess Fareeda met with Russian businessman Mikhail Bondarenko in 1996 in one of the diplomatic receptions. Michael immediately became interested in the girl, but she kept themselves modestly and with restraint, then their friendship ended with nothing. Summer Faried went to Cyprus with his uncle, but decided not to rest and to try to work as a saleswoman in a supermarket, where they again met with the businessman. When the Princess arrived home, the family learned about her work and locked up the girl at home for inappropriate behavior, and later she was appointed the wedding. Frieda secretly fled to Cyprus, where he met with Michael. Soon they were married. The Princess continued to live in Russia and gave birth to a daughter.

Замуж за принца: 5 неожиданных союзов

Mikhail Bondarenko and Princess Sri Lanciato: archive of the journal "Atmosphere"


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