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Who is left: find out the most frequent causes of female adultery

Anna Yasnitsky, sexologist and relationship expert, explains why women get a "second husband" and easy to live in a love "triangle"

Now cheating is no surprise. If before the adultery, especially of the wife, it was strictly condemned by society and in many countries, even punishable in legal terms, now manners have become much more liberal. Many women, tired of the marital relationship, often problematic and conflict, give birth to intrigue on the side.

Sometimes it is accidental and occasional, and sometimes long — term relationship, which over time actually become "a second marriage". For some reason, a woman often cannot leave her husband's official — it can be and the necessity of education of children, and financial or housing dependence, and the presence of feelings — not only love, as already related. With the "second husband" she supports in this case relationships that are largely based on intimacy and emotion, understanding and mutual sympathy.

Over the past 10 years, the number of infidelity has increased by 50% among married women and 60% among married men. While 56% of men and 34% of women who dared to commit adultery, do not consider my marriage a failure. Of course, "from scratch" similar triangles do not occur. Scientists have found an interesting relationship — men and women, simulating an orgasm with your spouse more inclined to look for sex on the side. Alicia Walker, Professor, University of Missouri, in his book The Secret Lives of Cheating Wives has published the data of his research, which shows that women in most cases change in order to satisfy their sexual needs and to avoid divorce.

Кому налево: выясняем самые частые причины женских измен

Women in most cases change in order to satisfy their sexual needs and to avoid razvodite:

The participants of the survey confirmed that cheating gives them the opportunity not only to retain the marriage, but also a good relationship with her husband. However, there are in practice situations where overly sexually active woman just a little one man, or she feels the need for sexual pleasure with men. In this case, it is possible to speak about its prevalence in sexual behaviour of "male" type of sexuality.

Oddly enough, but the most "comfortable" for a married woman version of the "love triangle" is a situation in which she's Dating a married man, as in this case, both parties typically seek to preserve their families. The same applies to a situation where the partners bind only a sexual relationship, the lover and is not intended to take the woman out of the family. We can say that this is the best option to save not only and not so much family relations, many, in fact, a psychological comfort. If a woman knows that the second partner needs her only for sex, she feels much better than the woman, seeking some kind of deeper relationship with him.

Unlike men, who may be "on the side" the second and even third family, a woman will not succeed due to the physiological reasons. There can be women of "hidden" children from other men, unknown to her husband (except for children from a previous marriage, was brought up in the father's family). Therefore, any relationship "on the side" for women is much harder than for men. Including because of the need to protect themselves, hide the rest of your life from her husband that the child he considered to be common, not really from him.

Кому налево: выясняем самые частые причины женских измен

In other respects, women are often looking for understanding and emolite:

There is one caveat — unlike men, are more inclined to polygamy, most women are focused on relationships with one partner. In the triangle to live harder, more likely that they will think about the prospects of creating a full family with her lover. This, in turn, can lead to psychological problems, especially if the parting with her husband and new family with her lover is impossible for any reason.

All this does not mean that "love triangle" for women is contraindicated. In modern society, in which a fairly strong ideas of feminism and sexual equality, women no longer feel discriminated against by society and obliged to play by the old rules, there are a lot of women feel calm in relations with several men. Today woman has the opportunity to choose a comfortable for her (from the point of view of psychological and physiological (sexual) needs) type of relationship with a man willing to accept her choice. More and more families in which the husband against the wife had an affair or both partners legally have other relationships. Women more don't be shy and hide, she has the ability to set their own rules and play by them in the open.


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