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"I have a headache": the reasons for refusal of sex

Every woman at least once in his life faced with a situation, when physical intimacy with a partner does not want even think...

Sexologists claim that the intimate side of life is necessary for a good relationship. There are many practices and theories, as to awaken a heightened sensuality in a partner. But quite often women, on the contrary, refuse sex, with or without cause. The question arises: what happens? Actually, the reasons can be a great many — both psychological and physiological. Let's look at the order.

«У меня снова болит голова»: причины отказа от секса

Why a woman refuses sex?Photo:

Problems related to the psychological mood:

If after a certain time after the beginning of the relationship, the girl chooses not to engage in a physical relationship, partner should more closely relate to her behavior: that she allowed to do and what not? Does kiss you? Do you have uncontrollable outbursts of anger and aggression in the partner's address? If the girl is nervous when you touch her? The reason may be hiding in her past experience, because not all first relationships last, and end smoothly. Perhaps she received a serious psychological trauma due to incorrect behavior of the previous partner. In such cases, requires professional help.

«У меня снова болит голова»: причины отказа от секса

The intimate side of life is necessary for a full, otnoshenie:

Often girls sometimes feel ashamed or uncomfortable. Such ladies usually tend to romanticize. If this is your case, give your partner a pleasant evening in a romantic atmosphere and act softly and gently. After some time she will be able to trust you.

The reason may be that you are not perceived as a sexual object. Might consider just a friend — you are on good terms, maybe even in a very close and trusting, but to be with you in one bed, she thought. Try to talk to the girl and find out this point. In extreme cases, you have to look for a new partner.

«У меня снова болит голова»: причины отказа от секса

You may think just dragonface:

Causes associated with physical discomforts:

First and foremost, you need to pay attention to physical compatibility: it is possible, the dignity of a partner much more than they can make a woman, and not all will tolerate the discomfort. A woman may remain silent in order not to hurt the partner, but will reduce the frequency of intimate contacts.

It so happens that women have a reduced libido — in this case, she just refuses sex for no reason. You also cannot discard the possibility that the woman can really be a headache.


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