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The dog people vs. cat people: what pet choice says about your character

A pet is a marker of specific traits and lifestyle. found out from a psychologist, what to expect from fans of the tailed beasts and how to build a relationship with them

Of course, choosing a pet, first and foremost we pay attention to how the animal looks, but also rely on their own pace of life and character.

Dog lovers

In childhood, most children want to have a puppy, a with age changing, but someone still nurture the dream of a tailed friend. You need to understand that the dog is a social animal, gregarious and moveable, so the owner of the dog, as a rule, also active in many spheres of life. Hardly you will come across unsociable dog person. With regard to relations with the opposite sex — then the lover ahead of the cat people and fans of any other species in the number of Dating that comes from their desire to communicate. They can support a lot of other topics, in addition to dog.

Psychologist Eugene Idzikowski agree that dog lovers are inherently extroverts: "Dogs prefer the conservatives, who have an active life position and feel comfortable in society. Dogs most often chosen by those who used to dominate the relationship".

Собачники vs кошатники: что выбор питомца говорит о вашем характере

In childhood, many children want to have, Decapoda:

However, psychologist warns: if you decide to build a relationship with a dog lover, be prepared for some difficulties:

"Lonely lovers sociable, but the relationship with them develop difficult — they strive to control every step of a loved one."

Cat owner

The absolute opposite of a dog lover — cat owner. These people in the majority tend towards introversion. They are like their Pets: well-developed sociability — not their strong point. There is an interesting theory that a person living with a dog, most likely, get a cat. As for the cat owner, the likelihood that the house will appear the dog is extremely small, which is confirmed by Eugene Idzikowski:

"Cat — the best friend held self-sufficient individuals, the dog also requires some degree of socialization, because it have to walk, communicate with other masters."

Собачники vs кошатники: что выбор питомца говорит о вашем характере

Cat – the best friend held self-sufficient, linestate:

If you consider myself to be a cat owner, it is possible that you love city life, but do not like too noisy space. Such people will prefer to read in the evening a book, watch your favorite TV series instead of visiting a noisy club. Among them are many creative natures. But there are connoisseurs of figures, scientists and mathematicians, accountants, cashiers.

"Psychological research shows, people who like cats, sensitive and vulnerable nature, they value solitude and are quite loyal to others. A woman's desire to have a cat means that she's tired of being strong and want to show their feminine traits. In General, women-cat-lady — a harmonious nature, which combines the best qualities of both sexes. Persistence and assertiveness they are balanced by tenderness and ability to care for others," — said the expert.


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