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5 ways to ruin an intimate meeting

Agree, sometimes the success of a date depends not only on the desires of the partners, but also from external factors. WomanHit says that can "kill" sexual attitude

Sleep in the same bed

If you already live together long enough, likely, most nights you sleep in the same bed. British scientists constantly conduct new research, in the course of experiments, they found that couples who are married for many years, it is useful sometimes to sleep separately. After all, the partner can toss and turn while sleeping, pick up a blanket and lot more ways to disturb the peace of the second half, which leads to quarrels and the dislike. In such circumstances, especially in men, reduced libido. Daily access to the partner deprives the private life of former bright colors. Therefore, if you have no possibility to sleep separately, try at least to take different quilts.

5 способов испортить интимную встречу

Sometimes it is useful to sleep, razdelnogo:


Lunch/dinner is not conducive to the passions. Despite scenes in romantic films where we are shown a couple that ate before bed calories dinner, I suggest you refrain and for dinner something light. Otherwise the whole mood will be gone, and you just want to sleep. Researchers are advised to include in your diet fish, nuts and honey.

The lack of light

Darkness — the friend of youth... and the enemy of sexuality. For men it is important to see the process, it helps him to get excited. It is not necessary to include the fluorescent lighting, if you feel uncomfortable, light of the night light or artificial illumination would be sufficient.

5 способов испортить интимную встречу

Darkness — the friend of youth... and the enemy of seksualnosti:

Alcohol and nicotine

The top of bad advice take alcohol and nicotine. These include not only hard liquor but also beer. Perhaps at the start the alcohol ignites, but then becomes an obstacle to the finish line. So be careful with the dose of alcohol, because of it, in addition to harm the intimate life, you can earn a lot of diseases in another area.

5 способов испортить интимную встречу

Be careful with lekarstvami:


It should also pay attention to the medications that you take. It is known that the antibacterial drugs and medicines psychological spectrum, reduce the production of certain hormones that affect sexual attraction. As for women, women need to be careful with the intake of hormonal medications and drugs that have a sedative effect. If you feel that the background medication has changed your sex life, consult with a specialist and ask them to find a more gentle product.


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