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I hate him: how to survive the pain of parting

If you go through a breakup with a loved one, WomanHit there are some tips that will help you regain emotional balance

Separation is an integral part of our lives. They may occur periodically. This is a great stress that, despite the negative connotation, shaping our personality. How can I do?

One of the main rules: to understand that the time has not come back.

No need to cling to memories. The relationship is over and it is a fact that must be taken, even if it will not be easy. Admit into consciousness the idea that this person is no longer in your life, then you need to let him go. There are times when the passage of time the former partners have changed and renewed relationship, but it is other people aren't what they used to be. Realize that in the current situation you both have just had no other choice. Let once beloved man to be free, if you have left any respect for his personality.

Я ненавижу его: как пережить боль расставания

To understand that the time is not vernotte:

To get rid of depressing thoughts

I wonder what more harm we cause is not so much the situation, how much negative thoughts, which will eventually become Intrusive. They give rise to disappointment in life, they begin to oppress, which ultimately affects the quality of life. Just think — 90% are not real suffering from the inability to be around the person, and the thoughts that we ourselves generated. The cause of these thoughts lies in the suppressed aggression, and resentment at a former partner. You can, of course, try to supplant obsessions by favorite Hobbies, but the surest way is to forgive someone and wish them happiness in a new relationship. Believe it or not, this method really works.

Я ненавижу его: как пережить боль расставания

To get rid of the depressing mylitta:

To recognize their right to be happy

A large number of people comfortably arranged in the position of the victim. It's convenient — no need to take responsibility for their lives. So often we hear from friends and colleagues of the notorious "nobody loves me, nobody wants me". Such behavior is a sign of infantilism. For the mentally healthy person there is no reason for such behavior. You need to enjoy what is happening here and now — in spite of the separation. You need loved ones a joyous and cheerful. Just think about what you have no significant reason to be sad, it exists only in your mind, in fact you are a grown, healthy man who has everything to enjoy life. You necessarily will meet the man who did not give a reason negative thoughts to enter your head.

Я ненавижу его: как пережить боль расставания

To recognize their right to be schastlivoye:


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