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How to attract love in the New year

The tarragon and psychic Marianna Abravitova talks about the rituals that will help to get rid of loneliness

For anybody not a secret that all our thoughts and desires that we send into the Universe, sooner or later return. Therefore, all our thoughts about love should be well articulated, thought out to the smallest detail and only then sent into the Universe. It is impossible to think that you, for example, really want to get married, but even mentally you can't collect the image in my head of the person for whom you wish to marry. The more precisely you can imagine a Loved one or a Favorite, the more likely and dolgozhdannoe will be meeting with your chosen one. And you certainly get what you deserve. If you find it difficult to bring the image mentally, take a clean sheet of paper and describe in detail who you can at least see in the New year. The main thing — do not forget that your partner or fiancee must possess not only beauty, financial prosperity, but also many human factors. Once you have clearly done your homework, you can use my tips to attract love in the New year.

Как привлечь любовь в Новом году

There are lots of rituals that will help to find your provinceto:

On new year's day, starting on the night of 31 December and 1 to January 7, put in the head at his Cup with honey. When you go to sleep, mentally pronounce all those qualities and describe the image of your desired partner. Do it calmly, slowly, to the point that visualize your planned. During the year, you will come kind of person. But not alone. They will fly to you like bees to honey. And if you have a choice, find one or the only you will be able to very easily. You will attract like halves of a whole.

Now, the Council for beautiful ladies. Buy men's Slippers, pour into them the millet and put it by the bed. This metaphysical attraction is not even a partner, and husband in your house, in your bed. Slippers can be not only new year's eve. I'm sure in the new year you married.

Как привлечь любовь в Новом году

Use one of them - and in 2019 you will meet the beloved, chelovekopotok:

There is another good way to lay down the loveby purchasing 2 flower pots. Buy different colors. Label them externally is one let represents femininity, for example, violet, and the other masculinity, for example, a cactus. For energy, they must be different. Tie them with red ribbon and put it on the window. December 31 to January 1 will speak the image of the man that you want to let into your life, and imagine what you will with this man. Your flowers will grow in pots, tied with a ribbon. Thus the energy level you will be able to attract a partner.

Another good way. Take the men's and women's shoes with laces. You need to pressureat a few female to male. You get 2 sets. All this can be put in the corridor, in regular wardrobe and make it everything you have, starting with the number 31. But these couple no one should see. Times a day as I can, mentally visualize the image of your betrothed. Sooner or later he will come in your house.
If you in the New year decided to stay home alone, table to dine for two. Mentally contact him with suggestions, raise a glass and oocytes with him. In the new year love comes to you unexpectedly and you will be happy with her for the rest of your days.

Как привлечь любовь в Новом году

Importantly - believe in codispoti:

Believe in miracles, right ask the Universe to help you, answer with good for good, raduyte their loved ones and good family and Earthen Pig will not leave you without attention.


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