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How to recognize a "Mama's boy"

Entering into a relationship with a new partner, we can't always predict who it will be. Special difficulties arise with infantile men. understood, is it possible to become the main woman in their life

Isn't often you hear your friends when discussing men suddenly mention the character of "Mama's boy"? Followed by a long discourse, whether it is necessary to enter into a relationship with this man, and if he is, as his re. We thought, and succumb to the correction of such men?

Как распознать «маменькиного сынка»

From birth to 3 years child tightly associated with the mother energy and psychological spaziofoto:

The portrait of a typical "Mama's boy"

In many classic works of literature found a male character who's description "like a child", "step can't, greenhouse plant". In the dictionary of the Russian language of the definition of such men: "indecisive, characterless. A male person who cannot make decisions is not adapted to life."

Denis Fonvizin, Russian writer, created the whole work "Ignoramus", in which the landlord tells him, "Well, Mitrofanushka! I see you, my mother's son, not the father!"

As you can see, "momma's boy" was always. And it's not some side effect because of too fast development of modern society, but it is a understandable social phenomenon.

Where do they appear

From birth to 3 years child tightly associated with the mother energy and psychological connection. After 3 years he began to emerge as separate from the mother's personality and longs for a male role model, that is, to the father. Due to various circumstances, the child, in this case the boy remains in the energy field of the mother.

There are several reasons why mothers find it difficult to separate your identity from the personality of the child:

1 reasona Woman live without a man (no matter for what reason). Subconsciously she feels that son is not release to anyone.

2 reason: Distrust of women to men. She has no respect for the strong half of humanity that neglects men's power. For these women, any man — child.

3 reason: a Woman tries to protect the child from the bad influence of the surrounding world.

4 reason: a Woman tries to project on the son of your father, whose attention she lacked in childhood.

Summing up, "sissy" is not occurs suddenly, it is formed from an early age.

What are the chances to change it

Many women, faced with such a manifestation of the strong ties of mother and son, mistakenly believe that such a man is unhappy and should be saved immediately. However, do not jump to conclusions. In fact, both mother and son get mutual benefits from such relations. In any case, do not try to compete or even worse — to criticize his mother you're going to lose in this women's "battle" because his mother was long before you and will remain with him and after your breakup.

Changes are possible only in case if he wants it when he's ready to get away from this smothering love. If you try to replace his mother is the beginning of the end of your relationship.

Как распознать «маменькиного сынка»

If you try to replace his mother is the beginning of the end of your otnosheniyami:

How to act

1 the Board. When you meet a guy, watch his relationship with my mother. Who often go to the links he or mom, when he began to live separately, what's his relationship like with his dad.

2, the Board. Recognizing motherboy, do not rush to delete his number from your contacts list. You may be able to become the woman that will change his Outlook. But it's really only the case if the situation is not much running.

3 the Board. Such men have their advantages: they are soft, sensitive and respect women.

4 the Council. Take a lesson from his mom: look at how she prepares for what it praises, than to be proud of. No need to blindly copy its model of behavior, just try to tune in to her emotional wave.

5 the Board. When you have the son, does not need much care. In 2-3 years he needs to get in touch with the father, because no one, even the most beautiful, the mother will not replace the boy's father.

Как распознать «маменькиного сынка»

Look at how she prepares for what it praises, than gardiste:

There are things you can't change, but you can choose your surroundings. Follow your ideals and be true to your own values. Try to see the good in other people, especially if you are going to build relations with the chosen man.

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