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How to go to a romantic trip, without leaving the city

Leading the project "the Perfect holiday" Diana Khodakovskaya every week planning the family holiday. She told what is needed to Express vacation with husband

Hotel booking

There are plenty of hotels, boutique hotels, apartments with elegant interiors for every budget and format. There you can arrange a romantic photo shoot, especially creative if you find yourself at, or ask friends Polaroid. Retro images always evoke a special nostalgia, and cards can be left in the memory or to send Christmas cards to loved ones.

Paradise for lovers

If your hotel will be a SPA-area, you will be able to just walk down to the first floor and is a place to experience complete relaxation. Ironically, this is the case, when you can go to the bath or Hammam, and then plunge into a deserted swimming pool... Then I advise you to go for a massage where the two of you will be in a welcoming environment. Believe me, those feelings and emotions that you get, will be remembered both for a long time.

Candlelight dinner

I recommend to book a table at the restaurant at your hotel or choose a place where you have long dreamed to try delicious cuisine. In advance and inform the restaurant that you have a special evening, ask them to prepare candles and a table in the chamber the spot, so no one to disturb you. You may even be able to get a discount or a special dish from the chef.

On The Titanic

Happy and inspired, directly from the restaurant rush on the ship to the song Celine Dion there and repeat the famous scene from the movie. Don't be afraid to freeze during filming, getting warm in the cosy cabin. Definitely ask someone to capture the moment, then will show loved ones and cherish forever. The ships depart every hour, and even in winter a walk along the Moscow river will delight you with familiar places, only with a completely different perspective. I will say more in the day and each other's view completely new way.

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