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Sexting: why you need it

Ten years ago a popular form of virtual intimacy exist solely through the telephone. With the advent of high technology, this method has become much more colorful and given new direction. studied this kind of intimacy and are willing to talk about it and you

With the advancement of technology people have more ways to show sexual interest to the selected individual. A long practiced method of sharing intimate photos, but, interestingly, not all know what it's called.

If you are until today I never heard of the word, explains: sexting — the electronic way to exchange intimate photos or texts of sexual content of its second half, although as often this method is used hardly familiar people.

For the first time the world has faced the fact of sexting back in 2005, after the story of Schoolgirls, which posted an intimate photo on one of the Dating sites. After a few years this term has spread among young people and even included in some dictionaries. In our time, shipment photos in the style of "Nude" is no surprise, and in those years it was a novelty. However, despite the popularity and some routine Internet periodically "blows up" from outraged opinions regarding this phenomenon.

Секстинг: зачем он нужен

A long practiced method of sharing intimate, fotografijama:

What do you think about psychologists

Many experts do not see anything wrong in the craze sexting adolescents, justifying it by the "knowledge of yourself". According to statistics, more than half of the population, practicing sexting, teenage. A large percentage especially among young girls, as in their understanding of sexting is a safe alternative to actual physical contact.

The modern world of gadgets allows people to make and send text and image files anytime, anywhere.

If some relative of the adult population, there are still prejudices about such entertainment, the students, at least English, at least once in their life tried this method of sexual stimulation.

Секстинг: зачем он нужен

Many girls sexting spurs carefully monitor sobotta:

Most of the people from among students, who are the initiators in a pair, are men. Most of them comes the desire to have a girl sent her photo.

Do the benefits of sexting

If you are a couple, for you, sexting is a completely natural part of sex life especially when your significant other is far away.

Sexting can be used by people who are not confident in the right choice of a partner and thus being at some distance, they could stir up sexual interest in each other.

Many girls sexting spurs to carefully monitor themselves, because, according to psychologists, the vast majority of the ladies worried about how they look in the photo, and therefore be thoroughly prepared before you do and will send a photo of your man.

Секстинг: зачем он нужен

If you are far away from the partner, intimate messages will warm up your chuvstvovat:

The negative consequences of sexting

Do not forget about their own safety, or rather, about the safety of his reputation. Many have heard about the declassified intimate photos of stars. It is important to remember that once you upload photos to the Network, it is easy to steal. It is also possible blackmail unreliable partner. So before you send a photo, think several times reliable is this person to whom you intend to send a photo.

Often, resentful men begin a mass mailing to your friends or your goal is to throw a shadow on you. Of course, this is a low act, however, responsible for these pictures have you.

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