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Where real men: secrets from the representative of the stronger sex

In anticipation of the New year is doubly hard to believe in miracles. The fabulous entourage draws in the imagination and the emergence of "the", "their", "unique". About why such dreams regularly run in cold reality, reflected our sex columnist Roman Galchenko

Where did the romance? And where are the real men and part-time gentlemen? In the women's area is now the most frequently asked questions. And in communication and in the form of a letter of wailing on the resources Dating.

More interesting to look for the answers. Who or what are the reasons?


Men often romance in adolescence. The same, when they choose wrong, their bumps and become wiser and more careful. By the way, where in the same life stage girlish romanticism? With your early (compared to male) puberty. He seems to be there, though diluted eternal doubt: "Ummm... Kind of nice, but not quite straight my". Despite the fact that "his" many can't understand and after forty.

When we (men) warm, trusting and loyal even, it was young we often send into the category of eternal admirers, we need at the moment any support. Experience to remember, well, then "futile effort", referred to as including romance, are reproduced already with a smaller fuse and caution.

Где прячутся настоящие мужчины: секреты от представителя сильного пола

"His" many can't understand and after corocotta:


In principle, it is logical that the farther into the forest, the well, they Fig. Pink dreams on the background of life experience formed in the cynicism and rationalism. And the expression "nice and easy" — I want to associate not only with herbal tea after the bath, but also with relationships. With age men do not want immersion in the "heaviness of being". It's like a natural course of nature. In a small ironic table tried to deal with their maturation.

18 years old — I'll give you ALL the colors of the world.

25 years — I'll give you the colors of the world.

30 years — I'll give you a particularly intimate colors of this world.

35 years — I don't mind being one of the colors of your world.

40 years — you Have colorful days are over?

45 years — I would give, but dried paint, so to speak. Black day. But white will, I promise. The world?


The romance is also based on their availability. Now there a lot of areas where the pay decent money? Little. They can be counted on the fingers of one hand. That is, 90 percent of the current balance of the Cavaliers averaged at 60 thousand rubles (and if we speak about Moscow). And not because of idlers and gazers, and just so we dergocrine time ("no Money, but you hold"). Recently, Vice Prime Minister Golikova called the condition of growth of birth rate in Russia. No, it's not sex. Is housing affordability. Allegorical — the presence/absence of money. Novel-ti-ka.

Где прячутся настоящие мужчины: секреты от представителя сильного пола

Cooked dinner together, or watching a movie in the arms of a lot better flashy, apramatta:

And here's the average man faces regular women's request: "we Need strong, brave, worthy. To care, to cherish, to pamper". Or "Looking for a responsible and provided for a real relationship". Real, Carl! Here it is: "Believe in love. And I want smart, kind, generous". Feelings from a direct hit in the nose.

"Where's my hero with me in joy and in sorrow money." Here at least the irony, but again, with attendants.

In short, the romance in these times is the status. The status of men. And served this dish with sauce "should": "money can't sleep without them, especially".

It is clear that is beautiful I want to live, but the reality has not been canceled, as well as its realization. As that cooked dinner together, or watching a movie in the arms of a lot better ostentatious aplomb.

Otherwise, how does it go? "A shot of tequila! — No, a bottle of "Baltika"! Don't you more romantic?"

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