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Common mistakes that young families make

Marrying for the first time, the couple faced a number of challenges, which they never thought before. tell about the main rules at the beginning of life together

Many girls, preparing for the wedding, imagine how fabulous it can be. After all, all fairy tales the Prince and Princess marry and live happily together for the rest of his days. But real life is another. Not to say that you expect the complete opposite to your expectations, rather, you future husband will need to accommodate each other, which is quite logical for a young family.

If this is the first partner with whom you live together, at the initial stage you can do so much to amaze, with some things you will not agree. If earlier the Finance belonged entirely to you, you now need to allocate the budget. In addition, your house will be a man with his opinion, and it also must be considered. This is not easy, but only at the stage of the so-called "grinding", after a while you will adjust to each other, and many problems will go away by themselves.

The most important thing is to save the marriage in the first years, as this most difficult time, when the temptation to quit, not just that. Will be some obstacles, but with joint efforts they can be overcome. We will discuss the most common mistakes that could be avoided if you know little secrets.

Распространенные ошибки, которые совершают молодые семьи

If there's a big dispute, friend, is not exactly a place for family, stampato:

No need to quarrel with a man for Finance

Tactful young people do not discuss financial issues before marriage. And for good reason. The financial side of living together is one of the most important, because you have to build a joint life. You need to ask in advance which views your future husband about money. After all, if you are accustomed to spend a considerable sum on yourself in life together you will need to agree on the allocation of Finance.

Not to share important things

Of course, you don't need to tell all your secrets — it can instantly destroy a family, but only if your secret was something out of the ordinary. In other cases, when you are going to make an important decision: purchase of furniture, vacation planning, and especially planning of the child — all this should warn the husband, because now you are family. If you have committed a misconduct for which you are ashamed, but there is nothing particularly "criminal" in it, also in this case is to admit a spouse. Because in the end he still finds out.

To involve friends in family matters

You may have a close friend, for advice which you always listened, but now you have a loved one who is above your friendship. If there's a big dispute, friend, is not exactly a place at the family table. First, she doesn't know all the details of your relationship, and her advice can not be objective. Secondly, there are women who are struggling to destroy someone else's life, introducing confusion and abuse to a family friend. We do not call otkazyvatsa from friendships, they are very important, regardless of your family situation, just separate the spheres of life so that they overlap as is allowed less, and even not converge.

Распространенные ошибки, которые совершают молодые семьи

If this is the first partner with whom you live together, at the initial stage you can do a lot of adultphoto:

Fix man

Since you're family now, and needs become a common question. Of course, each of you has their own interests and Hobbies, your spouse should respect them. If you try to correct him, you doom your relationship to the constant scandals, and there to divorce near. Try to find a compromise, let's say your husband enjoys football, and you can't stand him, disappearing in the boutiques of shopping centers. No need to blame it in the wrong guidance, try to go to a match with him, believe me, he will appreciate this gesture and will go on shopping together with you.

Распространенные ошибки, которые совершают молодые семьи

To maintain good relations with relatives, do not need rogatsevich:

Listen to the advice of relatives

Even before the moment you exchange rings, relatives from both sides will be obsessive to be interested in your plans and try to make their own adjustments. You probably hear questions like: "When will the bear be?", "Where to go on vacation?", "When the apartment will buy?" And usually it's not just councils, and oppressive imposition of one's own opinions. To maintain good relations with relatives, do not need to swear, just gently tell them you heard their opinion, but will do so as decide together with her husband. How good was the intentions of the relatives, you must live life according to their script.

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