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10 of the most unsuitable places for sex

If you are bored with sex in the bed, think twice before you try to add the adrenaline to the relationship. made a selection of locations that are not designed for lovemaking

Trying to diversify the intimate life, the couple sometimes go to extreme measures, not even realizing the consequences. We often see in the news information on that somewhere have arrested a couple, indulging passions right in a public place. Now extreme sex has become something mundane, a lot of people are not aware of all the problems that can collapse on their heads. A completely different situation if the couple can't have sex in normal conditions, then you need to see a specialist.

If you lead a very quiet life and have no idea to what extremes go into some desperate couples, we offer you a list of the ten most dangerous places for lovemaking.

One of the most popular places among couples on public transport. Moreover, the number of people in the transport does not affect the process. And put some goal for yourself — try all kinds of transport: metro, train, train, tram, etc.

10 самых непригодных мест для секса

Nature lovers threatened by dangerous parasitaire:

1. Metro

The most popular vehicle for romantic pleasures can be considered underground: where it's always warm, and works late. People are waiting for the evening train and get down to business. The most desperate try to stay in metro after closing. The case when one couple caught sex right in the tunnel! Not a very good example to follow, since the guys had to pay a fine. Highly recommend to abandon the idea if such thoughts you visited, as the consequences can be serious: from administrative punishment or death failure to observe safety rules during traffic.

2. The plane

Another famous place is the plane. The toilet cubicle on the plane — just a classic. In English-speaking countries even have term for this activity: "Mile high club", meaning "club of fans of aviacsa". In the plane with lots of passengers, you run the risk of running into a scandal, if it is a stall. Some manage to have sex without moving from their seats. As in the case of metro, you need to understand that the plane is one of the most dangerous kinds of transport. Please note that you have to hold in the air for decent amount of time, and if during intercourse, something goes wrong, you of course will help, but you run the risk of becoming "stars" of the aircraft until the end of the flight.

3. Shopping center

Of course, the toilet at the Mall — not the most hygienic place, but there are fans and these secluded spots. Needless to say, some infection waiting for fans of extreme love.

Another option for sex in the trading center of the fitting rooms in the store, but there are cameras, and consultants are carefully monitored so that similar incidents happen as infrequently as possible. If you are caught in the fitting room at the wrong time, the consultants are unable to call the police. Think about whether you need the experience?

10 самых непригодных мест для секса

And water - invecchiamento:

4. Cinema

Another classic extreme sex cinema. Couple climb on the last row and think that they will not open. A common misconception. Administrators periodically check cinema hall on the subject of covert filming and caught daring lovers, who can send to the police station.

5. Forest

The original place for unpretentious — the bosom of nature. Such "events" people are thoroughly prepared. The danger lies in the fact that you can bring home parasites — ticks, which are carriers of quite a dangerous disease, in addition, in the wild increases the probability of obtaining various wounds and other injuries.

There are thrill-seekers who have sex not only in summer but also in winter forest. Extreme "the square" doing it right on the track and can pay for it with their health.

10 самых непригодных мест для секса

Sex in the winter forest will undermine women's zdorovetchi:

6. Beach

Unlikely, of course, you repeat your favorite scene of the movie, where the characters indulged in passion on the white sand, rather feel a little foolish. In fact, the sand is still a problem. Where only it is not filled! And another thing: be careful if you decide to have sex on the beach in a foreign country — for a start learn the rules: the law of some countries sex in public is punishable by a fine and even jail time.

7. Fitness centre

Regulars gyms may like the idea of holding an intimate evening in your favorite room. Even if people would be a little better to inform the coach: who knows what the fitness center for your chosen room.

8. Ferris wheel

Lovers of height are the heroes of Internet videos, when they are removed from the attraction by the hooting crowd. I doubt that you aspire to such dubious fame.

9. Pond

If the option of the sea and the ocean still has the right to exercise (of course, given the laws of the country), that artificial reservoirs are a direct threat to your health, as generally the staff serving the pool, no regrets chlorine and other disinfectants that may adversely affect the mucous membranes.

10 самых непригодных мест для секса

Ferris wheel - not the best, weberfoto:

10. Hostel

This is probably the most problematic place. First, too many people. The cheaper the hostel, the more extreme are the conditions for intimacy. Also, beware of the top shelves: they are quite shaky, and who knows what the outcome of your evening and evening a neighbor from the shelf below you.

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