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Myths and reality: the whole truth about pheromones

Probably, many are wondering how to attract the opposite sex. talk about an unusual way to draw attention to themselves by their own fragrance

Each person has their own individual smell. As you can see, we are distinguished not only the color of the skin and eyes. Smell specific to a certain person, it does not feel the most people. The point is that chemicals secreted by one person intended for another person with the opposite set of these compounds, called pheromones. The purpose of pheromones to attract the opposite sex, by acting on the neuroendocrine system, the potential of the satellite.

Pheromones can be natural and artificial origin. As the name suggests, you will likely realize that natural produced by humans and plants, artificial in a lab.

Мифы и реальность: вся правда о феромонах

So what is the secret of their actions?Photo:

Types of natural pheromones:

The androstenone.. Male pheromone which affects the woman, she begins to see the man worthy partner for procreation.

Androstenol. Common for men and women pheromone, "rejuvenates" the potential of the satellite in the eyes of the person concerned.

Copulin. Produced by the women, helps to attract men.


Smotherin. Affect the activity of the man.

Osmopure. Multiplies attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Currently, a perfume company offers a choice of men and women special perfumes with pheromone content. They do not add alcohol as a chemical pheromone is very weak and easily destroyed.

Despite the skepticism of experts such innovations perfume, perfume with pheromones are extremely popular both among men and among women. So what is the secret of their actions? Actually, pheromones have no odor, they only give a signal to the brain of the satellite. First idea that pheromones enter the brain through the respiratory tract, but it is not. In the human nasopharynx has been discovered recently a tiny body that receives the primary signal, and then sends it to the brain. The human body is able to perceive the pheromones of another person only at close range.

But there is a danger when using this kind of perfume instead of the attention of the person you long to achieve, you risk becoming the subject of unwanted interest completely strangers. But this happens only in case of constant use of these spirits.

In fact, the attention that gets a woman or a man, they are free to dispose of at their discretion. No one can guarantee a successful marriage with a person who responded to your "call". Pheromones only help to increase potential partners around, and what to do with all these people on, it depends on you.

Мифы и реальность: вся правда о феромонах

No one can guarantee a successful marriage with a person who responded to your "call"Photo:

How to choose a perfume with pheromones

Since the pheromones themselves are odorless, focus on the perfume, that is close to you the most. As we have said, in such spirits no alcohol, so as not to destroy the delicate chemical compounds. But there is a small tip that will help men and women choose fragrances with musk in the composition.

How to use perfume with pheromones

Do not forget that pheromones are effective only at close range. And not always the person whom you seek, will answer you in return: may be humble;. Of course, you pay attention, but to fall in love with human spirits still doesn't work.

Мифы и реальность: вся правда о феромонах

Do not forget that pheromones are only close, rasstoyaniya:

As you know, perfume with pheromones do not exist in pure form, because such products using human pheromones illegal to sell. But you can purchase a perfume with synthetic pheromones. In addition, there is no uniform rules of seduction. Try to use the funds to attract the opposite sex on an intuitive level.

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