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Some women do not change: 7 points, which do not need to forget

Nelly Bagdasarov, an expert in the areas of relationship building, gives practical advice on how to keep a man

Dear girls, I'm not nourish illusions, telling that there is a formula (or pattern), using which, you once and for all eliminate the possibility of treachery from the opposite sex. No! This formula, unfortunately, does not exist, otherwise it would be enough to study it and to permanently close the question about cheating. But this does not mean that you have to sit and wait, "will carry you", unlike other girls who have already faced this situation or not.

Yes, there is no such formula, using which you will be able to fully protect themselves from situations of betrayal, but there is a procedure which will allow to minimize the occurrence of this problem, this is what we are going to talk to you. So, let's start.

First and most importantly, what we should understand is that a man goes to the woman who is prettier, smarter or skinnier you (for him, not all these criteria play a key role). He goes from a state in which he feels near you. Yes, you should not be surprised, it's true. A man goes to another woman, he leaves you, remember this moment. Here happen all the ensuing consequences.

Каким женщинам не изменяют: 7 пунктов, о которых не нужны забывать

A man goes to another, and from that state, which he feels close to amitto:

Please note, I am not talking about those men who still walk up and "changing girls like a glove". In such a situation you have little will depend on the fact of treason in any case, so it is very important to do in your life right choice. So, girls, if your man is serious and responsible guy, that you can affect the condition that he's close to you is experiencing.

Let's figure out how to do it:

1. A well-groomed appearance. You have to understand that men are inherently more visual. First and foremost, they look at a "picture" the appearance of women and then to its internal component. That's how nature works. Many girls think that when their relationship moved to a higher level, then you can relax and not always go with colored hair, occasionally forgetting about cosmetics, hairbrush and feminine things, because we already love. Cute girl, you certainly will not cease to love, but in this case, what will happen? All just, your man either quietly start to look at other women (which look more impressive than you) or will lose interest in you as a woman, you won't excite. So if for you it is important to be always desirable for your men, try to be in good shape and don't do yourself any favors under the guise of children, busy at work or anything else.

Каким женщинам не изменяют: 7 пунктов, о которых не нужны забывать

Try to keep the romance, otnosheniju:

2. Femininity. Girls, now answer yourself the following questions: have you had any such situation when your man offered you to take your bags, and you refused it, giving him to understand that you can do it yourself? Did you take a hammer to your delicate hands to hammer a nail? Repaired do you ever tap in the kitchen or in the bathroom? Now think carefully and tell me when you've done that, do you feel fragile and gentle girl? Of course not! And this is very important, being in a relationship with a man, to show their femininity, softness, brittleness, to your loved one felt the man next to you. Not worth all the forces to demonstrate that you are a strong woman and can lift 10-20 kg with one finger. Better show that you are a delicate, fragile creature that needs a man's strength. Make it clear to the young man that without him you will not cope with any task where you need men's physical strength, and then your man will see in you the sweet girl that wants to love and to cherish.

3. Self-development. Often, girls fall madly in love in a young man and begin to dwell on it, forgetting about ourselves as individuals. Don't do that. If in a relationship one person is developing, and the second is the place, then sooner or later they will break up, that's life. So to have this not happen, take care of its internal component, its fullness. Your man should be interesting to you. Start reading useful books, to attend conferences, seminars, trainings, enroll in a yoga, dance or the gym. In other words, do what you will to develop and make you an interesting person.

Каким женщинам не изменяют: 7 пунктов, о которых не нужны забывать

Take, samorazvitie:

4. Adoption. If you initially began to build relationship with your young man with the aim "to adjust under itself" in the future, then this is a big mistake. "Break" man as a person so you will manage. To provoke him to go to the one that will love him the way he is. Cause regret that he married you — definitely Yes. But to make it your ideal is something from the category of fiction. Therefore, the man should either accept it for what it is, or not to be with him at all. The other is not given. If you chose the first option, forget about having to compare your boyfriend with someone else. Stop it "cut" on every occasion (find yourself a normal job, at least throw out the garbage, you're not capable, etc.). Instead, show your man how much you love him and ready to support him in any situation. "Support" does not mean to get on 3 of and contain the whole family, yet he's got issues. 2 remember the point about which we spoke above — "femininity"? So, "maintain" means to be with her man, believe in him, to be a fragile and gentle creature for which he wants to "move mountains" and overcome the obstacles.

5. Personal space. There is a category of women who control every step of your man (SMS, phone calls, surveillance, etc.). This behavior in the first place is an indicator of low self-esteem and lack of confidence in his handpicked successor. Sooner or later your man will get tired of your bullying and want to breathe a sigh of relief somewhere away from you with a self-confident girl (temporarily or permanently). To avoid this, you need to remember that each person has a right to privacy. Any lasting relationship based primarily on trust. Therefore it is not necessary constantly to something to suspect their loved one, instead let him know that you love and trust him.

Каким женщинам не изменяют: 7 пунктов, о которых не нужны забывать

Comfort in the house, nemalovazhno:

6. The comfort in the house. Every man wants to come there where it is waiting for a loving wife in a warm cozy house with a hot dinner at the dinner table. And what happens in reality? The young man comes home, sitting in front of him tortured, troubled wife, at home all scattered, dinner is not heated. He's tired sits down at the table, and this time it falls even more problems from the stories of his wife. What is happening at the moment in the mind of men? He's got each time I lost the desire to come home and he begins to look for reasons to stay late at work. Unfortunately, I know many such families and it is very sad. We women should be a little bit wiser, try not to discuss problems at the dinner table. Meet your man with a smile on my face, tell me about something pleasant. Be for him an occasion for joy, the sun in the mortal world — so your man wanted to return home where he is well and comfortable.

7. Intimacy. Girls sex life in married couples also play an important role. Be always attractive to their men, indulge in beautiful lingerie, make sure you've looked at yourself in the mirror and saw this stunning girl. I am not talking about some beauty standards where you have to be 90-60-90, with long luxurious hair, perfect eyelashes and wide eyebrows — no. What matters is that you feel good about yourself. Then next to your man you will feel confident and relaxed. He will feel it and appreciate.

These are key points, observing that you can best protect your relationship from the situation from the loved one. I hope my article was useful to you. Be happy!

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