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Sex as a way of manipulation

Often we find ourselves under the influence of another person, though they do not notice it. will tell you how to avoid unwanted pressure sex

Trying to manipulate sex, men and women unwittingly ruin their relationship. There are many examples of such behavior in the literature, for example, in "the Book of the thousand and one nights", where women skillfully uses his appeal to save life.

If you delve into the historical processes, you will notice that for centuries people have used sex to obtain money, power, and revenge their enemies.

Clients psychotherapists are people, mostly men that are victims of somebody else's manipulation. In high school a classmate had attentions for the opportunity to write the same thing continued at the Institute. When a person grows up, he marries the woman that the rejection of begging for sex, she needs things, be it a gift or some action on the part of the husband.

Секс как способ манипуляции

A person can suffer from the effects of other people throughout infoto:

But do not think that only men suffer: the woman also often fall under the influence. For example, after a quarrel, the man trying to get a woman in bed, thereby reducing the degree of emotional stress, giving the woman to forget the cause of quarrel, or cites as an example the former women because of what his current partner feels insecure and goes to all the conditions of men.

Manipulation in any form is always destructive to relationships. However, the number of couples practicing this approach, not less.

The objective of any manipulation to weaken the will of the partner, and then take advantage of his weakness for their own purposes. In the minds of our people sits firmly that needed to be the perfect wife/husband, otherwise you can lose love, become the object of ridicule. This means that a person "should" fit. This trick is valid for women and men with a weak character and will.

Секс как способ манипуляции

We are very dependent on public maniapoto:

The manipulator is well aware of his "sacrifice": where to push, what to say, how to get what you want. Usually the man first threatened his opponent give up, looking for a solution to the current situation, her abuser, and then the manipulator offers its own version — what you wanted to originally.

What to do if you manipulate

If you know that you are a victim of the manipulator, decide to start their role in your relationship. Understand that you're just full participant in the relationships with their wants and needs, and therefore, nobody has the right to insist on violating your boundaries, and you have the right to refuse or to insist on sex so much as it makes your partner.

Секс как способ манипуляции

You have the right to decide when and how often you will sexfoto:

Do not think that all men see manipulation as the meaning of life. Perhaps your men have any problems at work or with friends. Stop trying to be offended and cry on the sly, just take and talk with a partner. If his actions were unconscious, then you have every chance to establish a relationship and get out of victimhood. However, in a situation when you start to mentally put down, and it happens regularly, consider whether you need such a dependent relationship?

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