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Unequal marriage: the pros and cons of misalliance

More and more young people join in Union with age-related partners. Where there is a desire to build a family with an older guy and what are the prospects of such pairs, sorted

Just remember the picture Pukirev, where the unfortunate girl is crowned middle-aged man. Yes, the way of life of the nineteenth century was radically different from contemporary realities, the opinion of a young girl no one was interested, as a rule, its fate was decided already at an early age.

Неравный брак: плюсы и минусы мезальянса

The senior partner receives life energy from the partner, omologate:

Fortunately, today we have the right to choose life partners on their own, regardless of the views of relatives and society. However, today there are couples that can hardly be called traditional.

Most often, the misalignment happens between an adult man and a young girl, at least between a young boy and a grown woman. There are many theories, both psychological and in society, why attractive and healthy young people choose their partners, at first glance, it is not appropriate to their social and emotional level of the partners. We decided to find out why this is happening.

What are unequal marriages


The most common type of mismatch. If earlier unequal marriage was considered a Union in which one partner over another 10 years, but now the difference was reduced to 7 years.

As for the material

Here everything is simple: one partner has income lower than his more successful half, for example, a teacher and a serious businessman.

Неравный брак: плюсы и минусы мезальянса

Adult partners can share useful sasamoto:

Social status

This type is probably the most problematic, as in most cases we are talking about the representatives of famous dynasties, which to get an ordinary person Oh how difficult. One of the most striking examples are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.


Exchange of a different nature

Paying attention to a younger partner, the age of the partners trying to get the remaining vital energy from a young and vigorous body. In return, the younger partner gets a "solid ground" from his mentor. He has a chance to realize themselves in the areas that were not previously available to him, using the experience, connections and opportunities husband or wife. In addition, the young man gets sexual and romantic experience from experienced people.

Attention and care

Usually the senior partner is committed to share their newly gained knowledge, experience, wants to put on its legs its second half. On the other side of the barricades is, as a rule, a young girl who didn't fall for his father's attention as a child — now she is trying to fill this gap. The same thing is happening with young people in society are called "sissies", they are not used to make decisions, their constant need to send.

Age crisis

After forty people of both sexes begin to rethink your life, think about what in life they might otherwise miss. It often happens that they decide to radically change in life and start to build it with a new partner who is younger. It should be noted that such impulsive decisions rarely end in a happy Union, there are many stellar examples of people who could not resist the youth, and paid with his reputation.

The pros of unequal marriages

Getting confidence in yourself

Mature partner who decided to connect his life with a younger man, usually in a precarious position in the sense that he doubts his attractiveness, if we are talking about women, and male power in the case of men. The young partner gets that confidence at least those that agree to enter into this relationship.


When sexual energy is on the decline, most acutely react to men. So they again start to appreciate a romantic component to the relationship that is like a young wife.

Неравный брак: плюсы и минусы мезальянса

Usually such couples a different perspective on dougpete:


Mature partners appreciate the calm and comfort in the house. In addition, their experience allows you to kill the emerging conflict in the Bud. Young people have yet to understand these mechanisms, but it is them and the more experienced will teach the second half.

Cons unequal marriage

A conflict of interest

People in an unequal marriage will inevitably have different backgrounds, they grew up in different things at different times, so the clash of interests is inevitable. In addition, an experienced partner will constantly preach to the young, which can also cause a negative reaction.

Different views on leisure

When you are over 50, the party is losing appeal, but young people often simply can not live without them. If young partner will go to such an event himself, he will cause an uproar, start a suspicions of infidelity, which will also lead to conflict.

The censure of society

Be prepared for harsh criticism if you decide on such a Union. Special rejection seen among our citizens sharply react to any changes of the traditional institution of marriage.

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