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Underwear and men: do we need a strong floor your lace

And you know what effect it can have on man correct bra? If not, advice for selecting the most seductive item in every woman's wardrobe

Linen is considered one of the most erotic items of female wardrobe. At least, so say the cunning producers. There is truth in the fact that a woman feels confident in a beautiful Lacy lingerie. However, to really get to the heart of men underwear should be chosen properly. We will help you make the right choice.

The cornerstone

When a girl wants to attract the attention of the opposite sex, she goes to any tricks: use more cosmetics, perfumes, attends most beauty salons. After the object of her desire had given up, she proceeds to "heavy artillery" — the choice of underwear. Market bras and panties now truly huge, so it is not always possible to find something that suits you.

Белье и мужчины: нужны ли сильному полу ваши кружева

Avoid sharp contrasts in clothing and balletto:

To begin with, what color do men prefer.

Bright and Burgundy impel a man to the thought that before him are passionate, which you can spend a few unforgettable nights, but no more.

The black color gives the men a challenge. Woman in black lingerie incredibly attractive to the opposite sex, as evidenced by numerous reviews of friends and a great demand for clothes of this color.

To the girl in the white male will be treated more tenderly: on a subconscious level, the color white brings calmness, so do not expect violent manifestations of feelings from a partner. The only condition — the color should be pure white.

Белье и мужчины: нужны ли сильному полу ваши кружева

Some women deliberately refuse, beliatta:

According to psychologists, women should pay attention not so much on the color of the product, but on the fabric and texture is an important factor. To choose a suitable material, focuses on the temperament of your men.

The passionate nature of your partner will delight lingerie from delicate silk, but it must be of high quality. No other fabric does not highlight your strengths with great success.

Men quieter will suit the taste of cotton fabrics. Choose linen in soothing colours, without noticeable decoration in the form of ruffles and patterns. It's terribly tacky.

Eyes windy men will appreciate a translucent linen.It creates the effect of absence on you clothes, it's not though. This duality will make a man to check how durable your "air" outfit.

There are those ladies who are sickened by the mere sight of underwear. They have a option lower shirt, which will be a great alternative to any lower set.

Again, if you believe the statistics, the rate of divorce and conflicts in couples where the woman often updates the lower closet, much less.

Myths about lingerie

It is time to dispel the basic hypotheses that have nothing to do with reality, namely, that men would prefer never to see on his woman?

Panties of several ropes. That's really irrelevant what is "missing" panties. They are absolutely useless for correcting the silhouette, it is easier just to go without them. If you have a curvy shape, this option don't even consider.

Color linen should approach your clothes. Strong contrasts of knock man off, especially if the colors are too bright. If you have a red dress, and underwear must be in the same tone or even black color.

Refrain from the simultaneous combination of black and white. Linen in these colours, looks too cheap and does not provide men any effect. Immediately there are associations with the products of Soviet industry. Better choose a neutral set ludowego shade.

Белье и мужчины: нужны ли сильному полу ваши кружева

Surprise your man and your relationship will be, crachett:

Man needs to constantly surprise, that he did not want to "wonder" on the side. Track new items in special shops, choose high-quality materials and, of course, try to choose a palette of colors with taste. In this case, the man will not remain indifferent to your efforts, and the relationship will become even stronger.

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