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Attitude to sex at different ages

Sex accompanies us throughout life, the only difference in the feelings of the process. tell what might happen with our sex life through the years

At different ages our attitude to sex is different. The thing in the natural processes of our body, which is inexorably aging. However, in our power to maintain the activity and vitality, the key is to listen to your body and react to its signals.

Attraction depends not only on our physiology, but also on hereditary and hormonal factors.

Отношение к сексу в разном возрасте

in 20 years the body is ready for daily sexy podvignet:

20 years

For girls this age is extremely fragile. They have not been able to know your body, do not understand their sexuality. Blame the hormones that are changing at this age very often. Another factor sexual instability — social. Girls up to 30 a lot of time to spend on their studies, earn money, some just unhappy with their appearance. As you can see, beautiful women pretty many reasons to postpone sexual exploits to the best of times and to catch up with a vengeance later.

As for men, their sexuality reaches incredible heights in this age. They are constantly looking for new experiences, so they are not encouraging long-term relationship. It is a time for experiments, so that young people are trying to cover more women. Young people are distinguished by the ability to quickly become aroused, but sexual intercourse isn't any longer. They are in a relentless search for a partner and can have sex at least five times a day. But it will be short acts. The man is absolutely not important, where, how and with whom he realizes his fantasies, the fact that the head of the penis at this age is very sensitive, and the man simply has no time to think about the surrounding circumstances, he is bound to this powerful instinct. Women are not in a hurry to choose such young people as partners, because it is not important to the appreciation of women, yet he thinks only of himself.

30 years

To 30 years the woman blossoms sexually. She has a clear idea of what she wants, where and with whom. Achieving orgasm also no problem. Usually by this age, the mother has one child, a husband or permanent partner. However, the stress and possible pregnancy make adjustments to the saturation of sexual activity. For the reduction of sexual desire respond to hormones that rise or fall depending on the circumstances in a woman's life and her General physical condition.

Men after 30 the level of testosterone is maintained at the same level, but at any moment can go into decline. Sex ceases to be the meaning of life, man begins to control his desire. At this time he was particularly concerned with the pleasure of the partner, he puts it above his own.

Approaching 40, a man begins to fall more and more problems at work and in relationships, all this can not affect the quality of sex. Sexual activity begins to slowly decline.

Отношение к сексу в разном возрасте

after 30 sexual activity begins to slow, cigatette:

40 years

Many will be surprised that a woman after 40 is at the peak of sexuality, at least the level of hormones decreases steadily. At this time, the woman feels the most confident: the children grew up, the work is stable. Usually by 40 a woman acquires a partner which fully meets all her needs. After 45, the body begins to rebuild, it is not far off climax. To sexual intercourse was successful, and that he at least passed, need remarkable efforts of the partner.

Men over 40 feel the great attractiveness, provided that take care of themselves. They have enough money and they know how to please a woman and most importantly like a woman. Some men become so bored with the constant partner, that they, without thinking, go for deception, changing legal spouses. The man begins to look for new sensations with young girls, who are attracted by the material benefits of a potential suitor.

50 years

Woman over 50 catches menopause that adversely affects the intima. Circulation of blood is decreasing level of hormones "jumps", because of which sexual intercourse becomes difficult process. After the peak of menopause the majority of women returned the affection and even stronger than before. But you should listen to your body and, in the case of serious problems, to reduce the frequency of sexual contacts.

Men, in turn, experiencing increased interest in the opposite sex. They do not feel too sure, so as soon as get the slightest response from attractive women, try not to miss it. To maintain the potency, men over 50 need to lead a healthy lifestyle. They are often attracted to young girls, who, in the opinion of men are able to return them to vitality.

Отношение к сексу в разном возрасте

old age puts an end to intimate:

60 years and older

The body becomes weaker, however, sexual desire dulled. However, even at this age it is possible to maintain sexual activity — even sex is not too frequent, but quality.

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