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Size matters: how penis affect the pleasure

A sex therapist explains what problems each may face and how to solve them

It is considered that the size of the penis affect the pleasure of partner sex. Polish sexologist Andrzej Gryshevsky in the book "IT. An intimate conversation about the body" notes that three quarters of men believed the size of their penis is unsatisfactory. "Twenty inches is the absolute minimum, which would have most men," writes the expert. We will understand what is true and what is false.

How grow roots

A sex therapist sees the reason that "a man's world filled with competition" from sports achievements and ending the economic well-being. Men tend to feel their power, importance in the world and truly believe that the size of the penis defines these criteria. The expert notes that "some species of monkeys show members of the opponents to dominate, to show who's boss". This is a throwback to the men remaining from his ancestors — he is the cause of the desire for greater authority. Interesting fact: "a woman in love increases the size of the penis of her lover at 3-4 centimeters". Conducted research, during which the girls were asked to indicate the size of the penis lover and compare it with real data — the results shocked many. "Interestingly, I don't know any woman that would treat the penis with such delight, what waits for her man," says sexologist.

Размер имеет значение: как половой орган влияет на удовольствие

Men's world is full of sopernichestvo:

What are the stats

"The average penis length in Poland — 12-15 inches. Studies have shown that only one man out of a thousand penis length 23 cm" — so claims the statistics. The Russians and other Slavic peoples statistics only confirms these figures. Remember, how many times have you heard from men that the length of their sexual organ more 20 cm? Sure that more than once. The sexologist thinks that the reason is the desire to dominate a woman, "he has a feeling that this should be done using a tool of appropriate size". According to popular belief, "most men think that in the back wall of the vagina has the highest concentration of nerve endings". "The mechanism of the error is simple: men think the vagina is a member of the 'opposite", and since they are most sensitive to touches and stimulation of the head, it means that women have more nerves must be at the end of the vagina," says sexologist Andrzej Gryshevsky.

Размер имеет значение: как половой орган влияет на удовольствие

The average size is 13-15, cmfoto:

Why women appreciate size

Above we explained where the myth that women care about size. Brief summary: from the men. However, there are girls who do complain about the size of genitals of the partner in comparison with former lovers. A sex therapist explains that the root of the problem lies in the lack of special training and inability to speak. If the first is solved by regular Kegel exercises, which help to tightly embrace the penis of the partner during penetrative sex, the second problem is much more serious and deeper. The distrust between partners and the inability to talk on intimate topics creates uncertainty and embarrassment both share a problem: to say about what they enjoy and what they don't like, whether they feel pain during sexual intercourse and so on. Another problem that might be faced by the woman — vaginismus. It is the excessive contraction of the muscles of the vagina when the partner without causing pain, can not enter the penis into the partner. "One client told me that was afraid of sex, as thought he was gonna rip it. In the end it was closed before a man, literally and figuratively", — said Andrey. Talking about these issues, we focus on the fact that men no longer consider themselves abnormal and unable to deliver a girl fun only because of the size of the penis. The task of women is to talk to her lover and to raise his self-confidence to get rid of the complex. Even if your pair has the problem, in most cases it can be solved by joint efforts or to address to the sexologist — the competent expert will help you to understand and offer an effective solution.

Размер имеет значение: как половой орган влияет на удовольствие

Problems need to be solved, sovmestnoe:

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