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Is it worth it to take the initiative to the woman

The girl is not always easy to make the first move, especially when a man is really like. will help to overcome uncertainty and suggest how to get his attention

The modern woman is independence and determination, so she often asks the question — is it possible to make the first move? I would think a man? Suddenly deemed frivolous.

According to sexologists, in some cases, the initiative of the women even necessary. All depends on the situation and character of the men the attention which you render. Or just going to give.

Стоит ли проявлять инициативу женщине

Act, nenavyazchivo:

For a girl who is accustomed to act, is not a problem to come or to call any man: she always achieves the desired. In the current situation of such women is increasing, and all because of the emancipation. However, the number of girls is more modest, accustomed to the Patriarchal structure in a society that constantly told that to win a girl needs is a man, is still missing. What do they do?

Of course, men are by nature leaders. But this does not negate the fact that they like the enterprising young ladies. In a sense, for them it's a game, inciting passion. A man who is not accustomed to such behavior from the girls may seriously be interested in, then I will do anything to get this girl. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with to have signs attention you are interested in the man. Especially if you see that the sympathy is mutual.

It happens that a man in certain circumstances, for example, different social or material status, sees in the woman partner. And then it's your time: show that you are interested in it. Maybe he just never noticed you before, but then it turns out that you are a very interesting person.

But there are cases when women scare off men with excessive activity — the man is simply afraid of her, and all the romance disappears.

Why should not "settle" the object of adoration

I'm sure the school you or your friends have encountered situations, when you liked a boy, but he absolutely did not pay attention to you, and you decided to write to him. This behavior is typical for very young girls who still do not understand the relationship. You write it like it is, straightforward. Naturally, the reaction of the young men will be predictable. He's just run away. In any case, you need to act gradually.

Why is this method not working

Imagine you live in peace, and suddenly announced, a man that claims to live without you can not, but because we need to get him to marry you. You're in shock. The same thing happens to the person you announce your feelings directly. The man just doesn't know how to react, and, most likely, run away.

Do not forget that a man accustomed to make his. If you observe the hint, it will Wake up the hunter who wants you to get, if to say all right — his interest in you will disappear. It is unknown what he may think about you if you're too pushy.

Стоит ли проявлять инициативу женщине

A man accustomed to make, telephoto:

What to do

To take the first step, you need to be absolutely confident in yourself and your decision. If you used to think that a woman should not be active, that it is humiliating, do not even try to start. In this case it is an absolute certainty. You'll just feel trapped and not be able to clearly convey his thoughts.

So if you don't feel confident, carefully prepare mentally.

What if like the stranger

As we have said, all men are different, some people like the initiative from women, and someone can not tolerate any activity. Start small. Play eyes. Smile, but do it relaxed to be natural as possible. If it is your colleague, every day, greet him.

When a man shows interest from your side, you can start a basic "attack".

Стоит ли проявлять инициативу женщине

If the sympathy is mutual, you can be sure you have all of paucidentata:

And how to deal with the familiar man?

If you are in constant contact, here will be easier. However, in this situation, do not rush to Express violent emotions. Start with light flirting, to "prepare the ground". Then watch his reaction. If he responds with flirting, keep up the great spirit. But not pushing. Your goal is to make it clear that you are interested in, and then the man himself must act.

To take the initiative or not — your right. The main thing is not only to get the attention of your potential partner, but also to maintain their reputation.

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