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A man will never refuse

Some men are simply magnets for women. will tell you what a gentleman girls don't miss

Today we talk about men, who knows the failures. At first glance, it is ordinary men, but them women go though on edge of light. The fact is that these men justify the image of the ideal man in the eyes of women. We offer you to familiarize with the main types of men in "spider's web" which can come across you.

Такому мужчине никогда не откажут

Sometimes, the man is difficult, accusative:

Romantic man

This is the same character who always reserve available tile is expensive chocolate, and he knows where to buy the most beautiful bouquet in the city. It is often calling the object of adoration, breathing into the phone, says what live without it cannot, but because he urgently needed to come. At the meeting, he will be long and languidly watch the girl in the eye, will not miss a single word. He can tell you about my feelings already on the first date. However, up to bed with such a man you will get soon, because his feelings too sublime, to immediately consummate their passion.

Overseas Prince

Such men are attracted to in the first place, not by his personality and charisma, and his passport. For our women, everything related to other countries and cultures very interesting, so the man-a foreigner can count on intercultural contact just on the basis of interest in all things exotic. The woman wondering how such a man looks at a particular situation, probably because his views differ from the views and attitudes of Russian men.

Такому мужчине никогда не откажут

For women important stabilnosti:

Windy man

With such man the woman will be incredibly interesting — both in life and in bed, because it generates ideas with terrible force. They attract the weaker sex for their independent thinking, determination and the willingness to understand new things. However, be prepared for the fact that such a man will not be responsible for the consequences of your exciting adventures. He just "flit away" to another girl and will spin another whirlwind romance.


He will always look you in the eye and nod understandingly when you tell him something is important to you. Even if he did not understand, still agree with you. If you are lucky to meet such a man, be confident in his support, he will not leave you without wise advice. In a sense, he is a modern philosopher. This man is well suited to the batter, who can not live without having to share all the events of his morning. In this case, more sensitive partner.

Typically, these men are very smart, as a result women simply lose the head and permanently attached to him emotionally.

Такому мужчине никогда не откажут

A confident man always gets soegito:

Confident man

Not to be confused with self-confident: this doesn't like me.A confident man with dignity rests on the public, it is difficult to confuse, and in wit he has no equal. It literally comes from the stability and determination — the qualities that most attract girls. He rarely gets jealous, because he understands that a guy like that just won't change.

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