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Sex-2019 trends: what awaits us in the intimate sphere in the year of the Pig

If your sex life has ceased to bring you satisfaction, perhaps you are just not "in the know". tell what innovations are waiting for you to partner with this year

Yes, trends exist not only in fashion and beauty, but also in such areas as sex life. Today it's not enough to dim the lights or buy a fragrant night light with pleasant illumination. Sex life as normal, developing as dynamically, and for its diversity, you must be aware of the latest novelties.

We collected five potential hits this year, which is likely to overwhelm our intimate life.

No restrictions on freedom

In 2019, the gaining popularity of free love. Both men and women do not limit themselves to relationships with only one partner. Of course, the idea is not new, but now people are starting to treat it calmly and without surprise. This phenomenon is called "polyamory". It no longer makes the girls sigh in surprise — as well as the theme of sado-Maso ceased to impress after the release of the well-known film with Dakota Johnson. Especially as more and more famous people make this idea more popular.

Секс-тренды 2019: что нас ждет в интимной сфере в год Свиньи

Experts say that a man ceased to be a necessity for women, schastlyvoe:

The road to women!

As in the past few years, feminism continues to gain momentum. And it's not so much the sensational movements like #MeToo. The woman finally begins to understand that man is not the center of the world, and is not dependent on happiness. Perhaps you have noticed how many women refuse relations in favour of the development of his personality. Experts cite the statistics on which we can judge that the age of marriage has shifted from 22 years to 30 and more, and some even can not marry according to his own desire. Moreover, on February 14, Valentine's Day, girls prefer to order gifts over the Internet for their men and friends. And the point here is not to switch to "the other side", so women strive to destroy the old as the world, the myth that female friendship does not exist.

Секс-тренды 2019: что нас ждет в интимной сфере в год Свиньи

In spite of everything, women's, drugbeat:

Sex dummies

Also not an innovation. At some point the dummies lost popularity, but this year felt a rise of interest. Open entire brothels, where vengeance used dolls instead of ordinary people. Such institutions existed before, but due to hygienic reasons, they were subjected to mass closure. With scientific progress, we should expect something completely new and even more similar to real people.

Sex toys for men

Not only women can give each other intimate gifts, men also require... circuses. More and more men are visiting sex shops in search of means of boredom. One thing is clear: men this year are also not averse to have fun.

Секс-тренды 2019: что нас ждет в интимной сфере в год Свиньи

Yet technology could not replace the live chelovekopotok:

The technology of the future

If you are bored with the usual toys, technical progress will delight you, starting with this year. Scientists promise to "teach" the toy to adapt to each user. How about this, Elon Musk? Yes, it is to us that progress is not reached in full, but given the pace of development, the wait is very long.

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