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Top 5 candid series that you must watch made a selection for all who are tired of banal story and want to cheer up. Caution! The plot is very bold

Today so many serials that make choices, at times, can be difficult. To facilitate this task, think about what genre you like best, and then you can start looking for.

We have made a selection of TV shows on a very open topic, but nevertheless very interesting. Even if you're not a big fan of serial movies, at least one of the representatives of our Top is sure to captivate you.

"Sex in the city"

This series was truly a classic and one of the symbols of the 90s. the Story of four friends from the heart of new York knows if not everyone, then certainly every second. You've probably already watched it at the time, but this is the case when the series can be reviewed on the tenth round, and he is not boring.

For those who somehow inexplicably missed the story, will tell: four friends — Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are living the glamorous life in Manhattan. They are all complete opposites to each other, but they share the same problems. Intimate theme runs through the entire series, the TV did not disclose this intimate sphere as widely as here.

And let the life of Carrie was so much different from the lives of our women, it would not hurt us to imagine myself in her place.


It's the story of the emergence and further development of pornoindustrii. A relatively recent series had chained to the screens of millions, we offer you to join them. The highlight of the show was James Franco, who got more roles.

Its name — "Two" — the series has received from quarters in Manhattan, where in the 70-ies of the last century was the theater, periodically broadcasting a low-budget erotic films.

As you know, the series is replete with explicit scenes, so if you are ready, switch!

Топ-5 откровенных сериалов, которые вы обязаны посмотреть

The story about the origins of pornoindustriya frame from t/s "Deuce"


Another almost classic series, where there is no place for feminism. In the modern world a lot of people will have no taste, because jokes about women today are perceived not so harmless, especially from the lips of men.

The main role went to the talented David Duchovny, who played the charismatic Hank Moody, who were in love with practically all Mature girls of the middle zero.

The storyline revolves around a writer experiencing a creative crisis. There is no standing woman, he would not write or use illegal substances. However, it is still alive the desire to be creative.

Fans of explicit scenes series will definitely be pleased: there are a lot of them. It's a pity that it ended only in seventh season.

Топ-5 откровенных сериалов, которые вы обязаны посмотреть

Who was indifferent to handsome David?Photo: a frame from t/C "Californication"

"Scary tales"

No, it's not about the sensational movie with Salma Hayek, but about series of 2014 with Eva green in the lead role. Of course, genre specific: a horror Thriller with erotic elements. But fans of Gothic stories, the series just displayed for viewing.

It takes place in Victorian England. Lord Murray calls count Dracula, weird Dorian gray and some iconic characters to help him find the missing daughter. I hope you represent all the passions. In addition to the Gothic and erotica, the series boasts an interesting plot and talented actors: Josh Hartnett and Timothy Dalton.

Топ-5 откровенных сериалов, которые вы обязаны посмотреть

Eva green - the epitome of erotikfoto frame from t/s "penny Dreadful"

"Secret diary of a call girl"

England is not a prudish country. Especially in regard to art.

Billie Piper plays a girl named Hannah Baxter, who leads a double life: by day she is an ordinary citizen of the United Kingdom, and at night — an elite prostitute working in one of the escort agencies. Two lives are closely intertwined, which creates problems for the heroine and the plot for the writer. Recommended!

Топ-5 откровенных сериалов, которые вы обязаны посмотреть

How to combine two lives? Ask Billy Piperata frame from t/with "the Secret diary of a call girl"

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