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Destroying myths: who married, seeing someone

From childhood women are living with illusions about what needs to be the perfect wife. will tell who have all the chances of marriage

Many girls in the childhood mother said, "Boys marry only to good girls, with the rest of the walk." It's a pretty persistent myth that flourishes for generations.

We proposed to understand how same is the case in reality, what motivates men when choosing a life partner or girls for several meetings.

It all depends on each separate representative of the stronger sex: some men life are bachelors and do not intend to marry under any circumstances, others, on the contrary, waiting for the right one and often find.

Is it true that men like too uninhibited girls, but they marry the "home"?

This is partly true: when a man is young, it is most often attracted to girls in revealing costumes and with a challenging look.

Разрушаем мифы: на ком женятся, а с кем встречаются

Every man has his vision of the perfect yenifoca:

It is quite natural, because the attractive appearance causes certain processes in the brain men: hormone levels increase and the body gets the signal that it quite suitable for sex object. If all goes smoothly, the girl cracks under the insistence of the Chevalier, he can brag about his achievement, and the younger the man, the more sexual exploits with different women, he seeks to do. Further entertainment on a night such relationships do not go.

With age, a man dumped more responsibilities, he begins to age, and relatives "drip": "when you get married?" Under the weight of responsibility and incipient problems in the sexual life, man begins to think about his own family.

Now Babes in short dresses fade into the background, the selection becomes tougher, the future wife needs to meet the expectations of men of a perfect homemaker.

The dreams of many men crumble when they realize that one woman can hardly match a beautiful housewife, a passionate lover and a loving mother. One or more items will "SAG". High expectations are rarely met, especially if a woman, in addition to homemaking, is still working.

Разрушаем мифы: на ком женятся, а с кем встречаются

A woman can not combine all the qualities and abilities that expects from it, arcinfotm:

However, even if a woman possesses the above skills, her character may be far from ideal: for example, she cooks well, behaves well in public, but alone with my husband turns into a fury. This men usually do not consider and are easy to women's charms.

Therefore, the ideal wife, not necessarily modest girl from a good family, is that fatal beauty can settle down and go head first into the family.

But there are types of women with whom a man does not want to meet or get married:


These women keep it all under control, do not give descent to anybody, even my husband. She usually first meets a man, rushing like a tank, believing that the end justifies the means. Men, as a rule, shy away from such Madam as the devil from Holy water.

Разрушаем мифы: на ком женятся, а с кем встречаются

To build strong family ties is very important to come together, characterdata:

Jealous one

She checks the phone men until he knows all the passwords from social networks, closely monitors the movements of the friends of his men, so he couldn't come up with an excuse in case of delays, after a meeting with one of them. This woman brings nothing but irritation and bustle.

Mother's daughter

Mom knows about the man his daughter everything and more. The woman constantly tells her mother in detail about everything that happens in their and, especially, in his life. It is unlikely that the man planned to complete with wife and mother in law.

Gossip girl

You will hardly talk about anything else but about the lives of your friends and acquaintances, and discuss women like things that they were asked to keep secret. Not surprisingly, men often do not stand up and throw them.

The man finally decided to make an offer, no need to put boundaries on certain images and try to be good. Men are attracted to natural girls who are not afraid to be myself.

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