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Tell me, pretty lady: why glamorous girls alone

Not all women are "smiling" good luck in your personal life, however, it is not about looks. tell me what is the reason of failure on the love front

Even if you do not have a girlfriend, chances are you know at least one beautiful woman without a pair. How can that be, because it has all the chances many people think. Girls of quite ordinary appearance periodically glance enviously at those women, whom nature has given a striking appearance: it seems, that a woman certainly no problems in private life, men are likely boffing her, and bounce off them. At the same time the most beautiful girls wonder why a neighbor with a more modest data for the second husband and several children. Psychologists is difficult to explain this ambiguous situation, but some objective reasons.

Скажи, красавица: почему эффектные девушки одиноки

it is believed that the more beautiful the woman, the "colder"Photo:

The harm of stereotypes

When it comes to a beautiful girl, just a thought about Moody, unapproachable Madame, which does not care about anything but regular treatments at the beauty salon. Yes, this happens, but not always. Beautiful women usually have friends, and it is unlikely that these people would be around a selfish, empty girl. Every man has his faults, but beauties sometimes arbitrarily attribute to them.

The second myth: beautiful girl — a stupid girl. But let's not forget that smart girls also often suffer from lack of attention, therefore from the mind, there is clearly much depends.

If girlfriend combines wit and beauty, she probably will devote most of the time to self-education and personal growth. They do not want at a young age to devote himself to the family. However, the obsession with his career — the double edged sword: when a beautiful woman reaches high status, it becomes even more difficult to find a pair, because now the number of potential partners is significantly narrowed.

Another tenacious myth, this time to cultivate men: if the girl is pretty, she's definitely someone there. Many men are better than miss a beautiful girl, than risk hearing the crack. In this case, it may be advisable either to get acquainted first, or look for a couple through friends of friends.

Statistically, single women with ordinary appearance is no less than beautiful, so it's safe to say that the success in personal life depends little on appearance. It is important to have other qualities necessary to build a harmonious relationship.

Скажи, красавица: почему эффектные девушки одиноки

develop positive qualities, lichnostyami:

Beautiful girls are afraid of. Why?

Experts believe that fear of men before a pretty girl is well founded. There is even a scientific name for this fear — gynophobia. Man is so afraid of rejection that simply can't be overcome.

The main reason for this fear men have self-doubt. And we are not talking about notorious men, and about men with very good self-esteem, but even they lost in the presence of beauty. It is the hardest men are given the idea that the beautiful girls no one can be.

Скажи, красавица: почему эффектные девушки одиноки

the man simply is afraid to come, persistto:

One more point: men believe that the partner of a beautiful girl have to be wealthy. If they themselves are not considered, and immediately discarded any thought of familiarity. The reason lies in the deep belief of a direct relationship of beauty and financial success. Generations of men live with the idea that the wealthy men have to be luxurious companion, and Vice versa, a beautiful woman will never look in the direction of the average man.

Causes of female loneliness

Before you deal with the problem, it is important to understand why this is happening. Women need to understand that in the modern world we are trying to impose a false idea of beauty that beauty is only important on the outside, the inner is given less attention.

Not all women realize that one beauty is not a guarantee of success. Yes, a man "peck" on good looks, but he will have to live with your character, so that, in spite of the natural data, we must not forget about the development of positive personal qualities.

Another possible reason — too high requirements to the candidates to the satellites. It is these women and are afraid of the aforementioned men. Such a woman usually inaccessible and rarely reciprocates to those who did not consider worthy of her attention.

If loneliness is eating you and you learned in the description of yourself, please reconsider your attitude towards others, perhaps in your life happen dramatic changes, and you will finally find happiness.

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