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Sex for the first time: how to tune in the desired fashion

This exciting event sooner or later happens to everyone, it is important to prepare for it to avoid problems. shares tips on how to make this process less traumatic

Like a dream, heat, and consumption of food, another basic need of man is sex. Even if you do not plan to have children, this does not mean that you need to protect yourself from sex, because its essence has long ceased to be aimed solely at reproduction.

Sex sooner or later happens in everybody's life, the first experience usually is remembered for a lifetime, like prom. Very often this experience brings more frustration than satisfaction. We will give some advice to those who are just about to start their "sexual way", so you will be able to avoid many disappointments.

Первый интимный опыт: как настроиться на нужный лад

it is important to be prepared physically and psihologicheskie:

What you need to know

Most young people have no idea when you can engage in sexual relations without harm to the health and psyche. In our society it is believed that the ideal age for first sex 18-25 years of age — the peak of reproduction.

However, thanks to popular culture, which in the last few decades, more and more blurs the boundaries between permissiveness and traditional values, the ages of the partners who enter into intimate relationships, have declined markedly, now even students from middle school to hear how many partners she has had in the last six months. As you can see, the exact figure is difficult to call.

The first time was with the least difficulty, it is important to be ready for it physiologically, and, most importantly, psychologically. For a young person, and especially for girls, this experience is crucial: it determines how the rest of a person's sex life for the next 5-10 years.

Moral setting

For young people it is important to tune mentally, do not think that sex is a steeplechase, you don't need to prove anything to anyone, you just get pleasure from each other.

If you are nervous, try to create a comfortable environment: for this prepare a meal for their other half, ventilate the apartment, get the wine, dim the lights. May include relaxing music.

Pre-replace linen, it is desirable that it was beautiful. Personal hygiene is also important, so don't forget to take a shower immediately before the actual process.

Первый интимный опыт: как настроиться на нужный лад

the age of consent in intimate relationships more and more sijaitsevat:

Probably the most important, even more important than attitude, reliable protection. Many have heard about the reality about girls who got pregnant in high school, and now they have to cope with the consequences of their rash acts.

In order not to become parents at an early age, not at will, anyway, not to get in the queue at the reception to the venereal diseases, it is important to use protection. The simplest solution would be condoms. But make sure in advance that at the last moment not to run to the pharmacy, violating the whole an intimate atmosphere. Important point: to buy condoms in a pharmacy is desirable, but not in the store as well as pharmacy products are checked carefully.

Первый интимный опыт: как настроиться на нужный лад

create a romantic, atmosphereto:

What position to choose

Do not rely on long intercourse, it is unlikely that this will happen, especially if not only for you but also for your partner this sexual contact. To experiment, you can later, but for now is limited to the classic missionary position, to avoid serious injury.

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