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Wait for me: where it is easy to find your match

Loneliness is one of the greatest challenges in our time. Particularly affected are residents of large cities. have selected for you 10 places where you have a chance to meet you

They say love no need to search — it will find you. But think about it: the whole day you spend at work, devote time to Hobbies and family, where in this busy schedule can take your significant other? The older we get, the more we begin to worry alone. Of course, because most of our friends had started a family, and someone is already in the second round. Yes, and the woman is not 20 years, it is more difficult to find the companion of your dreams. But do not despair, you just need to act and the result will not keep itself waiting.


In this case, it is not just about social networking, and Dating sites. Probably, in this place there is a chance absolutely everyone, that's why websites and applications for smartphones are so wildly popular. Once you start a page, you immediately drop a few letters in private messages. Your popularity on the website does not depend on your appearance, and your rating on the main page. To hold the top ranks, men and women are willing to pay almost anything not to lose position. However, only a few people out of a hundred will be suitable candidates for the role of a potential partner.

Жди меня: где проще всего встретить вторую половинку

with Dating sites you have to be careful: you never know who screeshot:

Another option, tossing the Dating sites and social networks, forums of interest. According to surveys, many couples found each other on such forums, for example, a musician or actor. By the way, if you will build a relationship with a man with similar interests, you are more likely to maintain these relationships, because you and your partner can enjoy themed activities together, thereby strengthening the Union.


The Agency acts as a matchmaker, but instead of a single person, couple you will find a whole team with database of candidates. In the Agency's office you fill out a questionnaire and staff begin the search for a suitable partner. Many companies offer services for finding partners abroad, therefore, the main customers — women who dream to build happiness with a foreigner.

The main advantage of the agencies — both sides are looking for a serious relationship.

Meeting with old friends

Original option, but with a fairly high chance. Many classmates met on the evening of graduates, dare to confess to each other in sympathy. If the school your neighbor's party was a homely kid, in 10 years he may be gorgeous, handsome, because time can be very hard to change a person.

Жди меня: где проще всего встретить вторую половинку

people who come to the Agency, usually looking for a serious, otnosheniyami:

Someone else's wedding

Don't ignore invitations for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries of friends and acquaintances you never know who might be a neighbor for the holiday table. Perhaps a foreign holiday will give you happiness in the form of a pleasant meeting.

Communities of interest

We're talking about online communities, and quite real. You probably heard that in the city's anti-cafes are frequently used for meetings of clubs in absolutely different fields: it can be language courses, Board games, costume parties, private screenings. What is not a reason to combine a good time and meet new people.

Жди меня: где проще всего встретить вторую половинку

what could be better fun on vacation!Photo:

Fitness centers

One of the best places from the point of view of finding a spouse: you'll be able to evaluate the physical training of men, the sport weeds out a significant number of inappropriate characters. Meet a man in the room is not so difficult. Try to ask for help, for example, let them explain to you how to use a particular simulator, and a nice conversation to start up.

Sporting events

Yes, most men are big sports fans in the distance. However, a visit to, say, football matches, especially at the local venues cannot be called a cultural place so if you make the man specific requirements regarding gentlemanly behaviour, it is better to look for another place for Dating.


For refresher courses or foreign language courses usually meet quite worthy representatives of various major professions, as it required constant maintenance of knowledge in tone. Be open, don't hesitate to ask questions and the attention of the opposite sex you provided.


This method is effective if you drive a small company or alone, as you will have more opportunities to look around, and it's easier for people to get acquainted with those who will not surround a large number of people. But always remember about safety, do not give too much information about myself to the first comer to the man abroad. Shake at least contacts, and there already be seen, which is his interest.

Public places (parks, shopping centers, metro etc.)

Of course, nobody canceled the Dating just in the subway on the platform. Not all men have the guts to approach a strange woman even in public, so I appreciate the courage of the opposite sex, they such a meeting is given is very difficult.

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