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East or sweet: in search of a perfume for your man

It is quite difficult to make a gift to a loved one, especially when it comes to the toilet water. will give a few tips to get you can't go wrong with flavor

Probably not necessary to say how difficult it is to pick up a gift for a man. In today's world, man needs to look good and also smell good, if he wants to achieve certain goals and vertices. Therefore, as a loving and caring girl, you can make it a pleasant and useful gift, namely, a bottle of toilet water or perfume.

A few tips on selecting the perfect fragrance

Some girls are hard to ignore when you buy perfume and they begin to look for a scent that would be pleasing to them. But don't forget that you choose a gift for your man, because you need to focus on his preferences. And well, if you know about them, and what to do when you have no idea about the tastes of your men? This issue is to plan in advance, not to ask directly before going to the store. Do it much in advance and as unobtrusive as possible, for example, during another trip to a perfume boutique tell me that choosing a fragrance for brother/boss/father, ask his opinion, ask for advice.

In rare cases, a man may himself ask you to give him a certain perfume, but it happens very rarely.

Восточный или сладкий: на поиски парфюма для своего мужчины

most of the men like natural, Sephiroth:

What to pay attention

Character. A few years ago from the shelves swept away fragrances are "unisex", but now more and more men are inclined to believe that these perfumes are not too manly, so be careful not to "fly" to the gift. Focus on temperament, how courageous your partner. Consult with the store, the more likely he will be able to offer you something suitable. Safe bet is usually classic, not the new-fangled flavors.

There are times when the man still, then you can rely on your taste. Think what his style, what he likes, what events to visit, and build on that. Generally people like a certain group of fragrances, if your man prefers heavy smells, I think he'll like citrus, etc.

Восточный или сладкий: на поиски парфюма для своего мужчины

it is very important to consider the style and habits of its partnerto:

Characteristics of odors

True male elements in the scent: tobacco, leather, wood. Pepper and nutmeg notes are also perfect representatives of the stronger sex. Remember that men are great conservatives for the most part, so no need to go on the most daring experiments, if you know what a man are unlikely to appreciate this step. With women in terms of flavors is much easier — they are more progressive, but again, focuses not on a fashion brand and the new perfume boutiques, but only for your man.

If your man is a hot Eastern macho, he will do stringy the flavors of the Eastern group, for representatives of Western culture they will be too heavy for daily use. Men from the Scandinavian countries are more suitable for fresh flavors.

Восточный или сладкий: на поиски парфюма для своего мужчины

think about what interests your mosciatti:

You can divide men's fragrances into several types:







Unlike women, men is important the flavor, not the brand.

Choose a scent according to the type of temperament

Most importantly, the flavor was not to contrast with the character, otherwise you get an unpleasant dissonance. Many people mistakenly believe that conservative men are the same heavy and phlegmatic smells and Vice versa — choose a bright energetic fragrance. It is not so. A calm man can give confidence to the fresh and Sunny fragrance, while the scent is able to calm the Joker.

If a man is passionate about sports, he will approach fresh aromas and citrus. Romantic gentlemen will not remain indifferent to spicy fragrances with notes of pepper, ginger and cinnamon. But the pragmatists and classical fans prefer musk compositions with a slightly pronounced with moss and geranium.

The age of the man also plays an important role in the selection of perfume. Young people looking for innovations, you will appreciate the fragrances are unisex, as well as notes of cedar, lemon and mint. Men over 30 is great bergamot, cranberry and blue spruce.

After 40 preferences are replaced usually in the direction of dynamic compositions, and after 50 the primary preference becomes a classic.

Not to get lost in front of a shelf with a huge range, ask for help from a consultant and describe in General terms the style of men, a professional will offer you several options from which you can select.

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