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Test. First date: Who are you in his eyes?

Always interested in the impression you leave after the first meeting with the man. Assessment and the ironic range of female types: from demure to bitch — produced our columnist Roman Galchenko

1. First date. You're sitting at a table in a cafe, the man you are cute. After two minutes of the welcome call, he takes your hand in his. How do you react?

A. Make careful observation, they say, we're not in a hurry, sit in a comfortable position and ask some neutral question.

B. Out of politeness or awkwardness will be 10 seconds in this position. Likely to blush. This rapid manifestation of the male will cause stress and easy nervous.

V. Give him the opportunity to caress her hand, even answer with a light touch of the fingers. I an important tactile sensations, like energy from a nice person to me.

G. Ask if he washed his hands at the entrance to the cafe. Look around, suddenly, someone looks at us, or God forbid, some friends nearby.

D. Just say, "You're either romantic or arrogant. Understand later. But just say that the touch of your palm — not a reason to have sex on the first date".

Тест. Первое свидание: Кто ты в его глазах?

We're not спешим

2. Banal men's issue supposedly contributes to trust: "What you wonder about me?" What will be your response to this question?

A. — Come on at once: have they been married, do you have children, where you work, do you often hang out on these dates?

B. — When you loved last time? How much do you care about the feelings in your life?

V. — Will be more pleasant if you don't ask to ask you questions. Let them write themselves. Tell me what you think is important. Going to pick up the theme and complement your stories or updates.

G — You have a record? And the question as a consequence. Can used that you have to constantly inquire the details. Seriously, you act friendly?

D. — Tell me, what is your understanding of a definition of a Man? And then divorced, now a man and the eternal boys... Hope you're not one of those.

3. Neutral men's question: "What cuisine do you prefer? If she like to cook?"

A. — Near the house a Japanese restaurant, with the work of the Italian. There — delicious. She also cooked and quite a magical, but not always have time to improve your talent.

B. — I hate to admit it, but I'm such a seamstress that dish any dishes that you can prepare smartly. Cooking is almost my other self.

V. — always possible to find something original and close itself. Myself like to cook in the mood, especially nice it would be to make four hands.

— Tested favorite restaurants there. But I don't want about food, and then eventually about the weight talk. Sorry for my suspiciousness. A life that is already all over involuntarily looking for the catch.

D. — On holidays can, of course, to remember the past. But the food is better always to book, because a Pro is a Pro. About any cuisine you'll find out next dates, if there will come their turn.

Тест. Первое свидание: Кто ты в его глазах?

Ask from all the important вопросы

4. After discussion, work, sports and travel, he asks about your ex. How long have broke up and why?

A. — That was then. Much more interesting to look forward. Otherwise we would not have met.

B. Once the story is over, no not love it was. And if so, then what was? Just an episode.

It was a good stage of life. In any case, the experience is always a plus.

G. — And you're not his friend? And that cinematic history will be: he's trying to return it back via a friend.

D. — don't want until about the past, just imagining the smell of goat meat. And you kind of emanates a pleasant aroma to knock it would be bad taste.

5. Sometimes men typically ask women's questions, played the lead: "As you can see the relationship between men and women?"

A. — I See, so as it should be and has always been the male head of the family, woman the homemaker.

B. — you Know, if there is love and understanding, for me the scheme is simple: for love and fire, and water. Loyalty for me is not just words.

Nothing wish do not deny. It seems to me, is more important than the people themselves, the atmosphere and the energy between them than the names of the relations. With trust and tenderness, all by itself, stands in harmonious place. You have otherwise?

In the ideal marriage, of course. At present even a contract marriage. But first, we need to live together, to verify the degree of compliance. I do not want then to be surprised and put up with some unexpected skeletons in the closets. And they have everyone, I know it.

D. — In love, prosperity and pleasure. I just to high, shallow to swim not mine. Let it blatantly, but if a man claims to be, then comply. Without regular attention in the form of gifts, flowers, and of gold, even on holidays, and I'll feel sad. It is also a manifestation of love.

Тест. Первое свидание: Кто ты в его глазах?

Tell me about your favorite блюда

6. Quite a vital question: "What traits in a man you will never be able to take?"

A. — the Hand is the last. The rest you can always negotiate, otherwise it is not my dear.

B. — there is a saying that my man is always right. I now want his ideal to argue was the cause.

Vladimir: I do Not want the negative at the first meeting. You are not talking doubt. Better take my hand again.

— All these remnants of the past: parasitism and drunkenness. They are all troubles.

D. — the Boorishness, disrespect, well, a womanizer. For me clear like that is not simple. Not to boast, but the attitude is valued appropriate.

Тест. Первое свидание: Кто ты в его глазах?

Less remember прошлое

7. Suddenly unexpectedly the question: "How long have you had sex?"

A. — the Term already decent. Still, I only allow intimacy.

B. — inappropriate. For me, sex is part of love and not the most important. Its importance is waking up to the point of planning children. But just talking about it tactlessly.

V. — Often the answer — six months. I realize that most men want to feel macho. But we kind of look normal, say too, well it would be strange to have gaps in global sex. When you want, then have. But anybody yourself are not allowed.

G. — you mean the health issue? Two weeks ago, was tested. Although it too personally. Everything only with protection. However, to speak about it prematurely.

D. — I Hope you're not cuckold? If not, the sense to know about it? Prove themselves worthy, the latter is permanent and will be with you. But this is not accurate.

If more responses with variant A, the average man sees you as a normal woman. Your advantage of the reliability and understandability. The chances of a second date to 65 percent.

If the choice falls more often on option B, you associiruetsya with a conservative woman in the slang could be called a "nun". It is predictable and boring. The chances are 20 percent.

If dominates option b, then you're practically a girl. Variable, modern, positive. The chances of 95 percent.

If selection dominates G, then you are an emotional, neurotic and suspicious. The chances are 10 percent.

If you use the option D, whether to say you are arrogant, cynical and bitchy. These features will scare most of the present men, but someone of them and strongly hooked. Chance — 35 percent.

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