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5 ladies of the techniques that ruin relationships tell you what words and actions are prohibited

In childhood we read stories about princesses and princes, whose relationship is formed once and for life. Unfortunately, the tale is divided about life, and not without our guilt, some behavior patterns typical of most girls, can destroy even the most solid Foundation. Remember that the person sitting next to you is not your property, but a living organism with its thoughts and emotions. Tell what may get in the way of complete harmony and love relationship.

"You know, friend Masha's boyfriend gave..."

Few young people are able to understand the hints. The guys admit that they would be happy to know about the desires of their girls directly and not through the stories of girlfriends and hints in the form of pictures. If you want a new bag but can't or don't want to buy it yourself, send the young man a link to the online shop and tell him you want such a gift. Surprises has not been canceled, but the man is easier to meet your request and to see the joy in his eyes, than to wonder why the mood of his girlfriend deteriorated. Same with flowers, payment for cosmetic procedures and other things. Don't forget about the return gifts — take note of what speaks enthusiastically your young man, and that he, on the contrary, absolutely not like that. Throw surprises in the form of romantic dinners or fancy devices for a fun pastime.

5 дамских приемов, которые рушат отношения

talk about your desires, Otkrytoe:

"Leave me alone, I'm offended..."

It is difficult to imagine how men suffer capricious women. It's one thing if the mood swings are temporary and relate to changes in hormonal levels or a bad day. However, constant unjustified change of mood is unlikely to please the people around you. The behavior of the little girl does not make you visually younger, as many think, and makes adequate adult girl into a naughty child. If you are unhappy with the behaviour of young people at first think that you have offended in his act. For example, he went to a club with friends, and you sit all the time at home and with no one to talk to, not surprisingly, you will enrage his behavior. Perhaps what you should first deal with their internal problems, and then "attack" on a man. However, it is not worth all the time for business as usual — reasonable requests to discuss openly.

"For you dawns and fogs..."

No wonder the great classic saying: "the less we love a woman..." Some girls are willing to do anything, if only their beloved was happy — change the style, hair, do plastic surgery. Dislike and disrespect evident in us through the prism of relations. Remember: any girl an erection men in the face of the saints did happy. Be happy with yourself and your life first, and not live someone else's. Let your relationship be an equal Union, not a pair of Narcissus and his pale shadow. Respect yourself, then others will respect you. If you can't cope with the problems of self-assessment, refer to the psychologist it is not a shame. Therapy helps to raise the layer "extinguished" our problems and deal with them before they lead to more serious consequences.

5 дамских приемов, которые рушат отношения

love your partner, but don't forget, sabetta:

"Well, why are you always late?"

Distrust is the first step to the end of relationships. If you don't believe your man what he really had to stay on the job longer at the request of the chief, though he wanted to spend time with you, you better break up with him. Do not torment neither themselves nor him. Jealousy, doubt in his words, trying to catch a liar is the symptoms of a sick mind. In a healthy relationship you don't have to look for subtext in the words of the partner. Reasons for this may be two — you have a real reason to distrust him, or you are not confident. They both sooner or later lead to separation.

"Oh, such a nice colleague..."

Attempt to induce jealousy in a partner to ignite in him a passion former — obviously not the best way to save the relationship. I wonder why many girls still use it. Some joke can say a line like that young man to make sure he happens. Other seriously talk about the lovely colleagues, the athletes in the gym or bystanders. There is nothing wrong to chat with people of the opposite sex when you are in a relationship. Really should clearly know that there are some lines that cannot be crossed — you may offend the beloved.

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