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5 love languages: how to choose a gift for March 8

Psychologist Marina Khrustaleva reveals the secret that will simplify the task of men to surprise and please his beloved

Before the upcoming International women's day, millions of Russian men scratching their heads how to please the woman you love, make them happy and treat than something that will highlight the particular attitude of the strong half of mankind. Psychologist Marina Khrustaleva will reveal the secret that will simplify the task of choosing gifts for women and teach men to speak the languages of love. To learn and remember them easily, because there are only five.

Gifts is the first language of love. Tangible evidence of the feelings of the giver. These can be gifts of flowers and perfume, pleasing trinkets, tickets to a concert of your favorite music or theatre certificates, beauty boutique, passes to a fitness club or invitation to a master class in drawing. All that you can touch and feel.

5 языков любви: как выбрать подарок к 8 Марта

Tangible evidence of the feelings of the giver - flowers, perfume, and podobnego:

Time and attention is the second language of love. It is expressed in the desire of a loving human to spend more time with the object of his adoration. And not just spending that time anyhow, but useful and interesting. For example, trips to the cinema or restaurants where you can talk, listen to each other and tell each other something nice. Attention and listening skills are very important for any woman, this is a great tools to get her location. To listen the fair sex, to ask her about her Affairs and experiences — well worth it.

Tactility is the third language of love. Most of us need a gentle touch. Hugs, pats, kisses. Physical contact can bring them closer together not only physically, but spiritually. Give the woman the night of love! Bathe her in their tenderness and passion, create an atmosphere of romance. Previously sending in the SPA, or a session of good massage. Massage, by the way, can be spread out over several sessions, extending the pleasure of the woman.

5 языков любви: как выбрать подарок к 8 Марта

Have died in a SPA or a massage - a tactile language, submitto:

Compliments is the fourth language of love. Say to a woman beautiful words, praise her looks, taste, style, ability to stay in the community, cooking skills and other talents. Verbal encouragement from the male side are always highly appreciated by the woman, they can melt even the iciest heart. The old folk wisdom — the woman loves the ears. It has not lost its relevance today.

Care — the fifth language of love. Men, get to the point without further ADO! Make your house a General cleaning, prepare a festive lunch or dinner, help in all matters, which were previously performed by a woman. The most valuable expression of love for her can be any solution of household question man. For example, washing dishes or other help around the house. The main thing is to do it with pleasure and from the heart.

Every woman has their own understanding of love. Someone more aware of the language of "care" who the language is "gifts", language "tactile sensations", all individually. To understand which language you need to talk with your woman, it's easy. Especially on the eve of the feast, when men turn into the sharp ears and the utmost attention. Favorite will give you the signal, what is currently most lacking and a way of expressing the love she expects from men. Such knowledge will not only facilitate finding a gift for his partner, but also improve the relationship in General.

In short, roads not a gift, expensive attention!

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