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Divination on March 8: how to attract happiness

Clairvoyant and tarragon Galina Janko shares rituals for love, who will act faster on this day

Regardless of the time of year each of us wants love and attention. Women beauty is magnified if you feel the same. To attract love and happiness, of course, you can use rituals. A great base for this day — 8 March. On this day all women are extremely attractive and just radiate sexual energy, and therefore the witchcraft acts faster.

Гадания на 8 Марта: как привлечь женское счастье

Galina Anchoveta: materials of press-services

Buy 8 flowers, preferably roses. One, 9th flower, take the same view but a different color. Early in the morning get dressed beautifully, rascalities. Mentally, while you apply make to look in the mirror, imagine your ideal man. If you are married or have a relationship, just think about your choice, describe its traits and share what love you would like to get from him. Next you need to go out and find some detached tree. On the North side lay from eight colors, and in the middle stick a flower of a different color. Then mentally draw 8 times for eight, closing on one flower look as if pinning all the points and all the good thoughts about the chosen one together. Then go home, not turning around. I hope this year you will develop in your life happily.

Гадания на 8 Марта: как привлечь женское счастье

Use for ritual, Rosetta:

Also want to give advice about the signs these days. If you want to give someone flowers, try to avoid yellow tints. It was on March 8, we must attract love instead of pushing her away.

From antiquity comes to us another interesting divination. It is very easy to say from the comfort of home. Take a sheet of paper and write the 8 qualities that characterize your favorite. Then burn the leaf, and scatter the ashes to the sides right out the window, as if on all four sides. 40 days repeat the ritual and mentally send the Universe a request. 8 describes infinity, the universe will hear you and send you love from any of the four directions.

Another way to attract love is already in married pairs. Take 3 bulbs of tulips. Color and grade are irrelevant. Put all the bulbs in one pot, and in the middle stick in the ground a little note to your cherished desires. As soon as your flowers will grow and flourish and your relationship will develop, and I'm sure all that is written will come true.

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