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5 qualities of magnets for men - Psychology -

If you still have not met his fate, you may want to reconsider their attitude to potential partners. will tell you how to do it

Maria Блавацкая6 March 2019 13:25200220

5 качеств-магнитов для мужчин - Психология -

what is the secret of successful women?Photo:

You are probably faced with women who seem unremarkable, however, are in a great demand among men. One woman was married and already regret it, and the other, on the contrary, happy.

Of course, the question arises, what's the matter, what is the secret of success? We also asked this question and found 5 things that are on the men smoothly.

Treat life with a positive

Believe me, nobody likes constantly nagging people. The man will find it difficult to coexist with a woman in the same area. Every man wants to enjoy the company of a beautiful woman, not to listen to daily complaints to friends, colleagues, etc. Treat life easier, do not load themselves or their partner.


Arrogant ladies scare away potential suitors so down to earth, if you do not want to stay alone for a few years. If a man decides to still go, most likely, he needs to assert itself due to the fact that a woman drew attention to it. Be open to new acquaintances.

5 качеств-магнитов для мужчин - Психология -

don't be the "Queen", which looks at all vysokopole:

Be feminine

In our time gender equality femininity is losing its position, or even removed from the list of feminine qualities. Ordinary woman without the support of a lot of work, thus leaving no time for yourself. The weaker sex increasingly takes from the strong, earning credibility and becoming more aggressive. As a result, the feminine is either not revealed or thoroughly stalkivaetsya by the woman herself deeper into yourself, otherwise, in her opinion, it is impossible to succeed.

However, no matter how selfless feminists defend a woman's right to be whatever she wants, against nature yet nobody has been able to go: femininity is one of the most powerful magnets for men.


Girls with "man I need" as a rule, and remain only with this setting. Without a man. Be thankful, if a man gives you certain benefits and opportunities. Often tell him how important it is for you all that it does.

5 качеств-магнитов для мужчин - Психология -

a man must pay attention to the positive girl and give her your segretto:

Admire the man

No matter how strong and confident your partner he has to have support from women, even if he didn't recognize. In the world of tough competition, many men step over yourself through the important principles just in order to be meaningful in the eyes of the woman.

However, the support will be perceived only if you speak sincerely, without hypocrisy.

5 качеств-магнитов для мужчин - Психология -

appreciate your man, don't forget to say "thank you"Photo:


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