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Determined the degree of sexuality of the partner - Psychology -

Before you agree to get to know, women are interested in what will be a new partner. assembled the signs by which you know what to be prepared

Maria Блавацкая7 March 2019 16:3089651

Определяем степень сексуальности партнера - Психология -

define temperament, maginifico:

Is it possible to determine the sexual capacity of a person's appearance? If you believe the sexologists quite. Sexual potential refers to the sexual temperament: how much and in what quantities a person needs sex.

Most people confuse sexuality with sex appeal, and it's a different thing. Sexual people think, usually public personalities, who are charming, communicative, attractive appearance. People think that external beauty is the very sexy. You may be surprised, but the most handsome of the screen you admire, which may have underestimated sexual abilities, which we'll talk.

Определяем степень сексуальности партнера - Психология -

the length of the legs can say a lot about chelovekopotok:

Sex is one of the most important components in the relationship of the couple, especially if both the man and the woman are going to marry. Different sexual temperament can greatly complicate the life of a young family. The member, which has a high demand for sex will always require it from your less hot a life partner. As a result, will be followed by a divorce, or an active partner go to the left.

There is a certain set of characteristics by which to assess sexual Constitution. Let's see how it can be done:

The length of the legs

It is scientifically proved that the shorter the legs, the sexier the man. Experts in the field of sexology has even developed an intricate formula for measurement of leg length for compliance with the sexual Constitution, with its help you can get an idea about the partner: body length divided by length of leg (from hips). From the figures depends on your level of sexuality.

In women:

2 — 2.05 — strong Constitution

— 2 — average Constitution

1.88 — 1.96 — weak Constitution


— 2 — strong Constitution

1.92 — 1.98 — average Constitution

1.85 — 1.91 — weak Constitution


According to the degree of body hair growth is fairly easy to determine the temperament: the larger and thicker the hair, the more the person is sexually. Men with high levels of testosterone are more likely to shave their stubble hard and dark. As a rule, the most temperamental people considered brunettes. The darker the hair, the higher the body's testosterone.

It is not surprising that the strong sexual Constitution it the brunettes. They are too hot and pushy, do not recognize failure. Such men tend to pressure and aggression, and are therefore not suitable in sensitive women. In contrast to the brunettes go blonde, very sensual and romantic. In bed they usually take a passive position, I do not like to take risks, however, have an enviable imagination.

As for women, the temperamental nature also have a large amount of hair on the body that brings them a lot of inconvenience, but to the men the amount of hair they still far.

Определяем степень сексуальности партнера - Психология -

the brunettes sexual Constitution visokata:


Face — first, what attracts the eyes at the meeting. Surprisingly, the eyebrows can tell a lot about its owner. Same as with hair on the head: broad, bushy eyebrows talking about hypersexuality. A determined man and never compromise. Rare light eyebrows occur in people with low sexuality. People with light eyebrows, as you can guess, usually bright soft hair, and we talked about it above.


It is believed that the nose is one of the most important signs that help to determine the temperament. It is even more important than hair color. Prominent nose speaks of a strong-willed character, strength and endurance. Women with low sexuality will have a hard time with this partner.

Straight nose, curving hook, usually belongs to people with strong leadership qualities. He will dominate in bed, is unlikely to heed the request of the woman. It is not a sensitive man, but this lack he compensates for his passion.

Nose with soft contours gives the owner of a soft and self-critical person. He is not confident and will show such mistrust and in bed.

Определяем степень сексуальности партнера - Психология -

the nose also gives temperamentat:


People who know how to enjoy and satisfy the partner, lips, usually full, especially the lower lip. A protruding lip can talk about promiscuity, as some sexologists and physiognomists. But not always on the lips can accurately determine the temperament.

Thin lips often belong to people with leadership qualities, they are restrained in expression of feelings. Their sensuality is lower than that of people with full lips, the same applies to the imagination and inclination to experiment in bed.

It is important to understand that we are talking about the natural form of the lips, and are not created with the help of a beautician.


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