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Don't even think: 6 types of men you should stay away - Psychology -

Renowned psychologist and sex coach, author of a dozen books on family and sexual relations, winner of the prestigious award "Crystal Lotus" in nomination "the Best sex coach" Ekaterina Fedorova tells how to immediately understand with whom it is better not to try to build a serious relationship

Catherine Федорова11 March 2019 17:49399993

Даже не думай: 6 типов мужчин, от которых стоит держаться подальше - Психология -

With whom is better not to try to build a serious relationship?Photo:

All is not gold that glitters. "I loved him so much, and he was a traitor/coward/lazy..." is talking about the former respects women, who mistook for gold pottery shards.

Often women are so blinded by their sense, which is easily caught by those men, from whom should stay away. How to distinguish the true from the false? Give 6 types of men with whom it is better not to have anything to do.

1. "Figaro here, Figaro there"

Probably one of the main reasons for women's tears — type "hero-lover", "Casanova". This type easily captivates one's heart for others, but has no serious attachment to any of the ladies. His heart is covered with meters of armor, often it moves from one bedroom to another until the end of his days.

How do you know? He is charming, romantic and delicate, is often a skilled lover. Well versed in psychology and manipulates women's weaknesses. This may be a gigolo or to use women for other selfish purposes.

2. "Control everything and everyone"

Very toxic in a relationship character — "the tyrant". This kind of men, on the one hand, very attracted to women that confident macho, keeping everything under control. With him safely and securely — exactly to the moment as his "tentacles" reach your personal freedom. And now you're asking his permission to go to meet with friends or to classes at the club macrame.

How do you know? It controls your expenses and income, criticizes you as a hostess, emphasizes all the flaws, and for the slightest offense suits scandal: "This salt shaker have to be only here!". Familiar? Flee from him with all haste before it's too late.

Даже не думай: 6 типов мужчин, от которых стоит держаться подальше - Психология -

"Tyrants" seem a model of masculinity - until you fully kontrolirovat:

3. "All against me"

Another not the most pleasant type of men — "whiner" or "loser". Pathological bad luck, a conspiracy of others, the stars aren't aligned — that explains its failures male of this species. Although for the most part all that is required of him, instead of another duel in battle city to go to learn. Or to speak with management about salary increase. But no, he will be content with little, without even trying to do something to change the situation. And at the same time to envy others and blame everyone and everything for their failures.

How do you know? He's over thirty and he still lives with his parents; receives a meager salary and not looking for another job. And all the questions talks about himself as an unrecognized genius.

4. "And me so well"

Similar to the previous character was "lazy". Without money, profession, goals in life, he is adrift, often without even thinking what it actually came to light. Lies, like the hero of the tale, on the stove-couch, spending their strength for the brave switching TV channels with the remote.

How do you know? All job offers finds a million reasons not to be employed. Interrupted from "shabashki" to "shabashki" or borrows money from friends and relatives. Spends his free time (and often all day) with friends and beer.

Даже не думай: 6 типов мужчин, от которых стоит держаться подальше - Психология -

The whiners and lazy all the failures always blame the surrounding, and obstoyatelstvam:

5. "Do as I want"

Related to the "tyrant" type "manipulator." Connoisseur of feminine psychology, he at the dawn of the relationship likes to play "hot — cold", that despite adoring eyes, as if oblivious beloved. It is sense of guilt playing on the sacrifice of the fairer sex. But the bottom line after a breakup, a woman has nothing positive — just a lot of complexes and liters of tears.

How do you know? You break like crazy on the first call cute, but get back is accusations? You don't know how to please him? Whatever you do, he will always find a reason to show that you are not in love with him.

6. "I've been through..."

The list of his relations a lot, but they all have the bitter taste of tragedy. "I was madly in love, but she left me for another," "I was hoping for a peaceful family life, but our views on life do not match"... and I want to hug and to prove that love even exists? Take your time. Most likely, before you is a man who disguises his personal problems under the global bad luck. If you dig deeper, you'll definitely find the root cause of why women are fleeing from him. As the great actress Faina Ranevskaya, "men are like public toilets: either occupied, or not work, or full d...mA."

How do you know? Representatives of this type — not the boys. They have a quiet sadness in his eyes, soulful voice, tired from loneliness, lack of faith in relationships with rich biography.

In any case communication with representatives of these types will not give the woman anything good.


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